What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Your Teeth?

December 2, 2013

When the Tooth Fairy visits, she takes your tooth. However, do you know what she does with it after she leaves with it? There are so many theories, but here are just a few worth discussing.

Has your child ever asked, “What does the tooth fairy do with my teeth?” If so, you were probably at a loss for words. Truth is that tooth fairies are a secretive magical species. Like CIA special agents, nobody knows exactly what they do—until now that is! Here is an exclusive look into what tooth fairies actually do with your child’s teeth so you can be prepared to answer your child’s inquisitive tooth fairy-related questions.

How Does the Tooth Fairy Get Your Tooth?

Losing your teeth can be exciting and fun! When your tooth falls out you place it under your pillow and wait for a special surprise from none other than the Tooth Fairy. Often, that surprise will come in the form of money.

Now, before we go on, you should understand that there isn’t just one tooth fairy. There is a whole organization of them! There is the Tooth Fairy Queen who tells the other tooth fairies who has lost their teeth and where to go to retrieve it from. Each fairy is specially trained in the art of covert operations—all of the skills they need to have to be able to get your tooth undetected by alarms, pets, or the human eye.

An Exclusive Look into What the Tooth Fairy Does with Your Teeth

Your Teeth Help Build Her Kingdom

Ever noticed how your teeth are super strong and durable? The reason for that is because of the collagen in them. Collagen makes your teeth able to withstand a lot of pressure—which is why they are the perfect material for building her kingdom. The teeth are sorted and the strongest teeth are used to build castles in Fairyland! They have lots of fairies that live here, and many more moving in everyday They are always needing to build new places.

Can you imagine what other things she might build with your teeth? She might also build schools, playgrounds, and amusement parks all from children’s strong teeth.

She Makes Her Magical Fairy Dust Out of Them

Every fairy needs magic fairy dust, right? How else would they fly, disappear, or make your dreams come true? Fairy dust helps them complete their magical tasks, and the Tooth Fairy is no different. If your tooth isn’t strong enough to be used for other purposes, the Tooth Fairy Queen grinds it down and turns it into fairy dust. She gives it to the other tooth fairies to help them fly around the world each night and gather more teeth, so that no child’s tooth goes left unrewarded.

Fiary dust has almost no carbon output so it is great for the environment! Since they are always traveling, fairies receive a healthy fairy dust stipend each week!

Do you think you’ve seen the Tooth Fairy’s magical fairy dust? You can ask your parents to help you make some of your own by following this recipe by RedTri!

She Helps Doctors Make Teeth Implants

Dental implants are basically fake teeth that look real. People who have missing teeth will often have them inserted into their gums. You can’t even tell that they have missing teeth! The Tooth Fairy Queen helps with that! She has a vault where she keeps the most beautiful teeth that the other fairies have collected and sends them to dentists so they can be used to make implants.

Ask your parents if they have any fake teeth or crowns in their mouths. It’s possible that one of your teeth was used to make it! Isn’t that cool?

Give Them to Babies Who Need Their First Teeth

Humans aren’t born with teeth. While some of us grow our teeth naturally, some babies need a little help. The Tooth Fairy Queen knows which babies are having trouble teething and sends a special tooth fairy who knows how to plant teeth in their gums.  Where do you think the teeth come from? They don’t grow on trees!
Do you have a younger brother or sister who is teething? See if they’ll let you check out their mouth to see if they might have any of the teeth that used to be yours!

She Fills the Sky With Stars

Teeth are called “pearly whites” for a reason. It’s because when taken care of properly they shine bright which is the reason they make great stars for the sky! The Tooth Fairy enjoys polishing up those pretty baby teeth and placing them in the sky for you to enjoy them every night. Why do you think there are SO many stars in the sky?

Do you enjoy looking at the stars with your parents and siblings? Next time you notice a particular star, you might just be looking at your own baby tooth!

She Makes Teeth for Adults

In addition to making teeth for babies to use, sometimes the strong teeth are given to adults that need new teeth! Can you imagine some grownup using your baby teeth to talk and chew their food? The reason she needs to do this is because some adults lose their teeth just like children when they get older. No one can chew food without teeth, so she uses your teeth to fill molds for bigger, adult teeth and help the elderly chew their food.

Do you have a grandparent who uses dentures or fake teeth? Next time you see them ask them where they got their teeth and they might just tell you the Tooth Fairy helped them out!

She Collects Them as a Hobby

The Tooth Fairy Queen is fascinated with teeth because each and every tooth she collects is special and unique. She likes to save one tooth from every child she visits. Knowing this might have you thinking, “What about the castles, teeth implants, fairy dust, and everything else?” Well, did you know there are close to 8 billion people in the world right now? With each of those people growing up into adults and losing about 22 baby teeth in their lifetime, we think she’s probably got plenty of extra teeth to do all of her fairy duties while still keeping a souvenir!

Have you ever chosen to keep one of your teeth? Did you keep it in a special box? Wear it as a necklace? Ask your parents if you can keep one of your baby teeth as a special memory of your childhood!

She Gives Them as Gifts to Other Fairies

With so many uses for teeth the Tooth Fairy Queen has decided that gifting teeth is the best gift she can give other kinds of fairies! Birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are all great reasons to give teeth away. Because there is a surplus of teeth fairies also trade them for things in their kingdom. Fairies can trade a strong tooth for clothes and furniture, a fresh loaf of bread, or even give someone a tooth in exchange for them to mow their lawn or paint their castle a new color!

It sure sounds like the Tooth Fairy has a lot on her plate! With all of these uses for teeth, no wonder we give them to her! Once you’ve given all of your baby teeth to the Tooth Fairy she leaves it up to Burg Children’s Dentistry to take care of the ones that replace them. Come visit us, and tell us what you think the Tooth Fairy has done with your baby teeth!

*Please know that there has yet to be a credible Tooth Fairy sighting, and so none of these ideas can be proven with exactness. These are simply rumors we’ve heard. If you see the Tooth Fairy, let us know—we’d love to hear your story!

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