Printable Superhero Brushing Punch Cards

A girl holding a superhero teeth brushing chart

Printable Superhero Brushing Punch Cards

We know that being consistent creates and strengthens good habits. As parents we do the best we can to be consistent with our children’s brushing and flossing, and we could use a boost now and then. When our child suddenly decides to exercise their independence in the form of not brushing or flossing, or when we forget to pack the right toothbrush or toothpaste for a weekend camping trip. Sometimes a couple of late nights and the kids falling asleep in the car on the drive home can be all it takes to fall out of the habit.

If brushing and flossing is beginning to feel mundane or unimportant, consider adding an element of fun. We all like to have fun, right?! Give your children the opportunity to turn something as menial as brushing teeth into a fun activity.
After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your kids brushed and flossed on their own without a reminder, because it was something fun they looked forward to?

Superhero Brushing Punch Cards Make Brushing Fun

If you’ve visited one of our Burg Children’s Dentistry locations, then you know that we take fun pretty seriously. It’s at the center of your child’s experience—from dressing up in costumes to watching a movie while the dentist looks at their teeth. To help you take that fun home with you, we’ve designed four different brushing punch cards to match different Burg superheroes and supervillains. Print one out and make sure to place it in the bathroom where your child will be able to see it, so they can remember to brush their teeth. ( free to print)


  • 7 SUNS [AM] & 7 MOONS – Each punch card is good for one week of AM and PM brushing/flossing
  • “THIS CARD BELONGS TO” – Personalize your little hero’s card with their name, or come up with a funny superhero name
  • “SUPERHERO MISSIONS” – Each card has a different mission—to help a superhero or to defeat a supervillain.

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Molar Man Needs You!

Superhero Kids, we hope you enjoy using these punch cards. Remember, Molar Man is counting on you to brush your teeth at least twice a day. By doing your part, you will help him defeat the menacing supervillains who are responsible for cavities and all kinds of dental problems.

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