Why We’re Thankful This Thanksgiving Season at Burg Children’s Dentistry

November 17, 2016

Hey, we're just so thankful for all of you. Really. He's why we have all the feels this Thanksgiving season.


Thanksgiving is only a week away, and since we’re not thankful for cavities, we thought we’d say why we’re thankful to you, our patients and their families :).

Reason #1: You Make Us Smile

You’re the reason we come into the office, and it’s more than just to give your children a checkup. Handing out capes and costumes to new patients is great, but what really motivates us helping children feel comfortable and happy at the dentist. We couldn’t possibly tell you how often parents relay stories to us about how their kid(s) can’t wait to go to the their next dentist appointment. You make us smile, and that’s really important to us.

Reason #2: You Help Us Feel Young

Forget about feeling old when you’re surrounded by bright, (mostly) happy patients every day :). When your little boy or girl is flying around the office in their new cape, it’s easier to forget about “the Monday’s” and start enjoying the moment. We’re thankful for the energy our patients bring to the office and for always keeping us on our toes.

Reason #3: Your Loyalty

THIS cannot be overstated. Thank you Burg families for being so loyal to us! For so many of you, we’ve had your first child as a patient and you’re now bringing in the whole family! For the patient families that have been coming for 5-plus years, we don’t see you as just patients anymore, but as part of the Burg family. We really appreciate you.

Reason #4: Your Feedback

Your feedback and suggestions are vital to our business. After all, we wouldn’t be in businesses without you, making your advice and ideas ever important to us all. Your suggestions never goes unnoticed and we’ll always do our best to implement new strategies and practices at our offices to better help you, our superhero patients.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday season! Also, here’s a reminder that our patients out in West Jordan will have a new office to go to starting November 29th!

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