Tooth Fairy Printable Kit

July 18, 2019

Losing a tooth is a big deal for a child and definitely a milestone parents want to remember. Here’s a fun printable download for parents who want to hang onto their child’s lost teeth for years to come.

a tooth fairy kit
You probably remember the stories about having teeth pulled out by tying a loose tooth with a string to a doorknob. Perhaps you were the victim of this cruel and unusual tooth-pulling method—it can be traumatizing! We may not all remember losing our teeth in this way. For some of us, we remember pulling out our lose teeth with triumph, knowing that it was a sign that we were growing up. It’s a true milestone!

A Sentimental Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy kit cards
Have your children heard the stories of all the wonderful things that happen when they lose a tooth? The tooth fairy comes, takes their teeth, and leaves behind money. She may even do something fun like build a castle with the teeth she takes too! If you’re a sentimental person, letting that tooth go the way of the Tooth Fairy can be a sad occasion. After all, you may want to keep the tooth as a memento of your child’s growing up moment.
tooth fairy letter
Here’s a compromising idea! Use this printable and have your kids fill it out whenever they lose a tooth. Parents can hide the teeth away in a safekeeping box and still let the Tooth Fairy reward your children for losing their baby teeth. The printable also allows for the Tooth Fairy to leave behind a cute note saying how much money she will give them for that tooth. She may even rate what condition that tooth was in when she got it—encouraging your children to take better care of their teeth.

Download Your Printables Here

Letter to the Tooth Fairy
Receipt from the Tooth Fairy

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