The Dangers of Avoiding the Dentist

January 29, 2020

Do you find yourself not having enough time to go to the dentist and always putting off that appointment, thinking “I can just go next month?” Then, you just keep putting off scheduling your dental visit for next month and the cycle continues. Truth is that avoiding the dentist is dangerous. Keep reading to learn…

Is it dangerous to not go to the dentist? Yes! In fact, getting your teeth cleaned and checked for cavities every six months is an important part of your oral health. Maintaining your oral hygiene by going to the dentist regularly is necessary to avoid periodontal diseases like gingivitis. While such issues can be addressed and potentially resolved, it’s best to do your due diligence by keeping up with your dental appointments before it gets to that point. Keep reading to learn more about the dangers you face should you avoid the dentist in the future.

1. Discolored Teeth

Do you smoke, eat acidic food, drink soda, or drink coffee on a regular basis? If so, take a good look at your teeth in the mirror. Are they as pearly white as you’d like them to be? These things can cause your teeth to become stained. Teeth stains can be quite difficult to get rid of. Of course, there are different types of toothpastes that can help and techniques like oil pulling that some people have found useful. However, nothing beats a professional cleaning from your dentist and dental hygienist. Everything else is just an extra step that can help you maintain what a dental visit can do for your teeth.

2. Cavities

A cavity is a hole in your tooth and forms when your tooth has been attacked by an excess of bad bacteria and plaque. You can look at it as if bacteria and plaque are mining the enamel on your teeth. A professional cleaning from the dentist can help remove the bacteria and plaque. Although brushing your teeth on your own can remove these things, some plaque can harden on your teeth and require professional removal. Hardened plaque can create disaster zones in your mouth, making your teeth more susceptible to cavities.

3. Tooth Loss

We’ve all had that nightmare where we dream that we’ve lost our teeth. There are different interpretations about what this type of dream may mean, but even Healthline points out that it can relate to our concern for our own health and well-being. Dreams about tooth loss may happen, but actually losing a tooth is a very real issue. A dentist is an expert who is qualified to spot the signs of tooth decay and periodontal disease. If your teeth are not carefully monitored by a professional and are impacted by these issues, tooth loss could become a reality.

4. Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a huge concern for those who don’t manage their oral hygiene well. It can lead to painful inflammation and, as mentioned above, tooth loss—it’s actually the number one reason why adults lose their teeth. There are different stages of gum disease. It usually starts out as gingivitis which is when the plaque in your mouth builds up and causes your gums to inflame and bleed. The gums may be irritated, but your teeth should not be affected and still be firmly in place. If left untreated, the condition may progress to periodontitis. This is when the inner layer of your gums and bone pull away from your teeth and form pockets or spaces where debris from the food you eat can be collected. Plaque and bacteria can move into these spaces as well. These pockets can deepen, destroying more gum tissue and bone and making it so your teeth are no longer anchored in place.

5. Expensive Dental Procedures

There are a multitude of reasons as to why people avoid going to the dentist. Some people just can’t find the time and don’t want to take time off work or away from their family. Others may see it as an expensive investment that they may not want to make right now. After reading the four dangers above, we hope you understand that avoiding the dentist can lead to bigger issues. Not only can these issues lead to more pain for you in the future, but they may have to be addressed by more than just a simple dental visit. Gum disease and tooth loss can be addressed, but it may take multiple treatments and procedures. Treating gum disease, for example, can cost you up to $10,000. It is certainly worth it to invest in your healthcare now by going to the dentist before the state of your teeth reaches that point.

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