How to Get on Santa’s Nice List

December 22, 2017

Wow! We sure have had some fun so far with our 12 days of Burgmas, right? We have enjoyed learning all about Santa, Christmas, and everything to do with the holidays! But you're still asking the big questions: how do we get on Santa's nice list? We already know that you have to take care…

Wow! We sure have had some fun so far with our 12 days of Burgmas, right? We have enjoyed learning all about Santa, Christmas, and everything to do with the holidays! But you’re still asking the big questions: how do we get on Santa’s nice list? We already know that you have to take care of your teeth because the Tooth Fairy is keeping tabs on them, but what else? Turns out there are a plethora of things you can do to get on Santa’s nice list, and if the Tooth Fairy is carrying those lovely kind memories to Santa via your beautiful and healthy teeth, you’re sure to get on the list! So keep calm and try these tips!

10 Surefire Ways to Get on Santa’s Nice List

Be Kind to Your Siblings

We know it can be hard to be nice to your siblings, but we happen to know for a fact that if you are nice to them, even when they are mean to you, that Santa will appreciate your efforts! So tell them you love them and make sure you never hit them or do mean things to them!

Offer to Help Your Mom or Dad do Household Chores

We know doing chores is probably not your favorite, but if you don’t consider it to be fun, don’t you think your parents find it boring as well? If you offer to help them, the job will get done faster and you can sleep easy knowing that Santa is aware of how helpful you are!

Clean Up After Yourself

Everyone makes messes. Whether it’s from toys, food, or just general living practices like brushing your teeth, there will likely be a mess. So it is super important, and extremely helpful, to clean up after yourself. This can include putting your toothbrush away and making sure there’s no leftover toothpaste in the sink, putting your dishes in the sink or dishwasher, and putting your toys away when you’re done using them. Your parents will thank you, and Santa is keeping track!

Eat All of Your Dinner

Sometimes eating all of your dinner can be difficult. It might not be your favorite thing to do, but there’s a reason that your parents want you to eat all of your food. It’s good for your body and your teeth, and it’s less wasteful to make sure your plate is clean after a meal. However, if you have eaten a good portion of it and you are simply too full, you can let your parents know that it was delicious, but you can’t eat another bite! That way they know you did a good job, and you won’t be hungry later. Santa loves it when children are kind to their parents in this way!

Do Your Homework

School’s out for the season but you will be going back quickly enough and it’s never too late to start preparing for the following year. Homework is tedious and boring sometimes, but you still need to do it without complaint! Doing so will help you learn and make sure you won’t have to do even more homework later. If you are having a particularly hard time completing an assignment, maybe ask your parents if you can take a break, but make sure that you return to it and finish it so Santa can record your progress!

Say Thank You

Your parents have taught you how and when to say thank you, but are you really saying it enough? Here are some times when saying “thank you” will really benefit you, and whoever you are saying it to!

  • After your parents have prepared or bought you a meal
  • After your parents have provided you with clean laundry, or dressed you for the day
  • When someone shares their toys or food with you
  • When your teacher tells you that you have done well
  • When your sibling gives you something to borrow
  • When your parents let you play outside
  • When someone helps you with your homework
  • When you receive gifts on Christmas morning

Try some of these out, and let us know how it went!

Make a New Friend

Have you ever seen someone at your school who sits alone at lunch, or plays alone at recess? That person is probably in need of a friend. Here’s how you can make their day better: approach them and ask if you can play with them or sit with them. Ask them what they like to do, and make sure you talk about what you like as well. And since Christmas is coming up, you can ask them what they would like to receive, and if you want the same thing then you have something in common that you can play with or talk about! Just because someone is sitting alone doesn’t mean they are weird or different, they are probably just shy. So try to make a new friend, but don’t be too forceful about it or they might not want to be friends with you! Santa will love your hard work!

Share Your Things

We already told you how to say thank you when other people share their toys, food, or other things with you, but doesn’t that mean that you should share your stuff with them? It’s true! Next time someone asks you to play with a toy you should say yes and maybe ask if you can play with them too. We don’t want you to just give your things away, but you can definitely share them and perhaps they’ll let you borrow something in exchange! Additionally, by sharing your toys you can easily make new friends, like in the previous point.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed in the morning is the easiest way to show your parents that you are trying hard to be good. It makes your room look nice, and will be nice to sleep in when you go to bed at night. To make it more fun, see if you can time yourself and try to beat your score the next day!

Don’t Complain

It can be hard to not complain sometimes. You don’t want to eat all your food, do your chores or homework, and you definitely don’t want to make your bed each day. But we promise that by doing each of these things, Santa will record them in his book and you will get some sweet gifts at the end of the year! So next time you have to do something that you don’t want to do, try not to complain and see how your parents appreciate it.

Brush Your Teeth Every Day

We know we already said this one, but we just wanted to make sure you don’t forget. Brush your teeth twice a day, and don’t complain about it!

Santa is a busy man and can’t record every good thing you’ve done in a year, which is why it’s important to always be kind and helpful so that way whenever Santa happens to look your way he can see you doing something nice. He loves each and every child in the world and wants to give you good gifts instead of bad ones or nothing. So keep at it, and just see how nice your life can be!

Keep checking with us every day to find out more about Christmas and this amazing time of year! As always, if you need to schedule an appointment with Burg, you may contact us at any of our locations or fill out this form. Santa appreciates when children go in for their dental checkups as well…

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