How to Defeat Professor Plaque

September 13, 2019

Did you know Professor Plaque can cause some major damage to your teeth? No worries! The Bristler and Flosser will have your back as you brush and floss your way to plaque-free teeth. Learn more about how to defeat Professor Plaque here.

If you look inside your mouth, can you see a yellow-ish, somewhat sticky substance on your teeth? This is called plaque, and chances are that you have at least a little bit somewhere on your teeth. What you probably can’t see, though, is the battle being waged by one of the most evil villains known to man. His name is Professor Plaque.

Every single day, he wages war against our teeth. With bacteria magnets in hand, he forces bacteria to go where he wants it to go. He then uses his formidable sticky strength to trap the bacteria on your teeth. While it’s being held down, the bacteria produces acid that chews through your enamel and causes cavities.

Top Signs That Professor Plaque Has Been Around

The most obvious sign is going to be plaque itself. If you or your child’s plaque is darker or difficult to remove even after brushing, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist pretty soon. The same goes for if you’re experiencing inflamed gums or seeing pre-cavities (white spots at your gum line) or actual cavities.

Who is Professor Plaque Most Afraid of?

Professor Plaque’s arch nemeses are The Flosser and The Bristler. The Flosser is a bold young woman who isn’t afraid of his threats and tactics. She swings right into his path using her floss webbing. She’ll also use her floss launchers to floss the teeth that the Professor has attacked with plaque.

The Flosser’s friend The Bristler is always nearby when they’re battling Professor Plaque. He quickly moves around the mouth scrubbing away at all of the plaque left by the professor. He moves so fast that he makes the Professor dizzy as he pretty much runs circles around him.

What Can You Do to Win the Battle Against Professor Plaque?

The Flosser and the The Bristler need your help to take down the infamous Professor Plaque. To defeat him, you need your mighty toothbrush and floss. Use these superhero tools every morning and night after you eat. Make sure to brush your teeth for at least two minutes. This is crucial, because it gives The Bristler enough time to take care of his part of the battle. After brushing your teeth, floss and get in between every single tooth. Flossing isn’t just the job of The Flosser. Your help allows her to move around your mouth more quickly.

Don’t worry, The Flosser and The Bristler have your back! Burg Children’s Dentistry does too! We believe you have the power to brush and floss away Professor Plaque. Make sure to schedule your next dental visit with us so that you can keep winning this war on plaque.

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