Book Molar Man at Your School!

February 26, 2015

Ready to teach your students how to brush and floss their teeth? Discover how you can get a real superhero to come teach your students about good oral hygiene habits.

Molar Man, the ultimate defender of your mouth, wants to visit your school! While stopping the evils of Professor Plaque, The Infector, and even Cavity Miner is time consuming, Molar Man sets aside time to meet with daycares and schools to teach young students about his very important job.

Keep the Mouth-Menacing Villains away with Molar Man’s tips and tricks for good oral care. As one of the co-captains of the Hall of Heroes, he will teach you all you need to know, bringing word from Incisor Girl, The Bristler, Flosser, Agent Fluoride, Dr. Diet, and Sergeant Sealant.

What to Expect from Your Molar Man Visit

  • A 30-minute interactive lesson.
  • Molar Man will teach you correct brushing, flossing, and eating habits. Establishing these smart habits early on will help protect your teeth from the dangers of Professor Plaque and Ginger Vitis.
  • You’ll learn all about Molar Man’s archenemy Cavity Miner, how you get cavities and what can be done to prevent them.
  • Visiting the dentist can be a scary experience. Molar Man will teach you what happens at dental appointments and give you the bravery you need to come in for your six month appointments.
  • You’ll receive a gift bag full of Molar Man stickers and more information on keeping your mouth clean.

Excited to Meet Molar Man?

Having a real superhero in your classroom will be the highlight of your student’s week. When school is done, they’ll go home and tell their parents about meeting Molar Man. Hopefully, they’ll be more encouraged to brush and floss their teeth—which their parents are sure to thank you for!

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