7 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist During Their Next Visit

February 8, 2022

Do you know when you should take your child to the dentist for the first time? Dentist visits are an essential part of health care for your children, but a poll found that 50% of parents do not get guidance from their dentist about when to start visits. When you visit the dentist with your…

Do you know when you should take your child to the dentist for the first time? Dentist visits are an essential part of health care for your children, but a poll found that 50% of parents do not get guidance from their dentist about when to start visits.

When you visit the dentist with your child, it is the perfect opportunity for you to discuss your questions and learn more about dental care for your child.

Do you want to learn more about finding the best pediatric dentist near me? Keep reading these top seven questions you should ask your child’s pediatric dentist to learn more!

1. What Happens During a First Dental Visit?

Before you visit your pediatric dentist for the first time, you should ask them about what will happen during your child’s first dental visit. This way, you can prepare your child and help them ease their fears.

First, your dentist will give your child a quick evaluation. They will look at their teeth, jaws, and gums to look for any issues. They will also likely give your child a fluoride solution to help strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities.

You can also ask your pediatric dentist when you should bring your child in for their first visit. The American Dental Association says that the first dental visit should take place after their first tooth grows in, but no later than their first birthday.

2. What Should My Child’s Dental Care Look Like?

You should also ask your dentist how you can improve your child’s dental care routine. Learning the correct way to brush your child’s teeth can prevent unnecessary cavities and decay and will help them establish healthy oral habits.

To learn more about child dental care, you can ask your dentist what kind of toothpaste to use, when you should start flossing, and more.

When you talk with your dentist about your child’s dental care, they can provide you with tips to make oral health more exciting for your children. This way, they will be more likely to keep up these habits and take good care of their teeth.

3. How Do We Prevent Decay?

As a parent, you can help your child establish good oral care. This is essential in preventing tooth decay. Because of this, you can ask your pediatric dentist for tips on preventing tooth decay and discoloration for your child.

First, you should limit your child’s intake of sugary foods and drinks. However, it is also important to model good oral hygiene habits and to establish a dental care routine while your child is still young.

Your dentist can also recommend other services to prevent decay, like getting a fluoride treatment. This will toughen your child’s tooth enamel and make it harder for the acid from sugary foods to damage the tooth.

4. How Often Should We Get Checkups?

Because many parents don’t worry about their child’s baby teeth, they may not take their child for regular dental checkups. Asking your dentist about how often your child should get checkups will help you combat cavities and other dental health problems.

Similar to adults, children should visit the dentist once every six months after their first tooth breaks through their gums.

However, some children may require more frequent visits if they have signs of dental decay or other problems. Your dentist can provide you with guidance and tell you how often your child should get a checkup.

5. Do Baby Teeth Really Matter?

Something else you should ask your dentist is why baby teeth actually matter. Because they eventually fall out and get replaced, many parents do not worry about taking care of their child’s baby teeth.

However, your dentist can explain why it is important to take care of your child’s teeth from the beginning. These baby teeth will be indicators of your child’s adult teeth, and it is important to establish healthy habits.

6. Will My Child Need Braces?

Although many pediatric dentists do not offer orthodontic treatment services, they can still tell you whether or not your child will need orthodontic treatment in the future. Because your pediatric dentist meets with your child several times as they grow, they will be able to track your child’s bone growth and see growth patterns.

If your child’s teeth are getting too crowded or misaligned, your dentist can recommend a consultation with an orthodontist.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist that offers orthodontic services as well, Burg Children’s Dentist and Orthodontist can help!

7. How Can We Prevent Bad Dental Habits?

Finally, working with a pediatric dentist can help you learn how you can prevent your child from developing bad dental habits. Starting a routine with your child can completely prevent tooth decay from developing and can save you a lot of money on extra dental visits.

With children, there are many habits that can cause serious damage to their teeth, like sucking their thumbs or using a pacifier for too long.

To help your child’s teeth develop properly, you can ask your dentist for tips to break or prevent these bad dental habits. This way, you can protect your child’s oral health and prevent them from developing future problems.

Looking for the Best Pediatric Dentist Near Me?

Visiting a pediatric dentist is necessary for your child’s dental health. While general dentistry offices may be able to offer help, pediatric dentists are trained to work with children, ease their fears, and help parents improve their child’s dental care.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Utah, Burg Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics can help! We have offices all across the state and can help you answer any questions about your child’s dental health.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to request an appointment!

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