7 Characteristics of a Quality Pediatric Dentist

May 23, 2022

According to the CDC, cavities are one of the most common chronic childhood diseases in the United States, and more than half of children ages 6 to 8 have had a cavity in one of their baby teeth. Untreated cavities can be a serious problem and can lead to problems eating, speaking, and more. One…

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According to the CDC, cavities are one of the most common chronic childhood diseases in the United States, and more than half of children ages 6 to 8 have had a cavity in one of their baby teeth. Untreated cavities can be a serious problem and can lead to problems eating, speaking, and more.

One reason why many children develop cavities is that they don’t have access to proper dental care. The first step in improving dental care for children is finding a reliable pediatric dentist to work with.

Do you need help choosing a dentist you can trust with your kids? Keep reading this article for the top seven characteristics of a quality pediatric dentist.

1. Patient

One of the most important qualities you can find in a pediatric dentist is someone that is patient. Working with young children is much different than working with adults.

Often, children have a difficult time staying still during their appointment. They can also get frightened easily of the equipment and sounds in a dental office. Other children may ask dozens of questions in a row!

If your dentist is not patient, your children may not get the quality of care that they deserve. Make sure your dentist takes time to make your children feel comfortable and important.

2. Approachable

It is also important that you find a dentist that is approachable. Dental anxiety is one of the major challenges in pediatric dentistry and affects nearly 10% of children.

If your child’s dentist is not approachable, this can increase their fear of going to the dentist and make them uneasy about their future appointments. Instead, you need to find a dentist that makes it easy for your child to approach them.

An approachable dentist is easier to talk to and will lessen your child’s anxiety when going to their appointment.

3. Engaging

Another important characteristic of a quality pediatric dentist is one that is engaging. While children may not naturally enjoy going to the dentist, fun and engaging pediatric dentists will help your child look at dental care in a new way.

They will have more fun when they go to their appointments and it will also help them learn more about their oral health!

When your dentist is fun and engaging, your child will be more likely to pay attention to what they are teaching about dental hygiene and they will be less frightened of their treatments.

4. Clear Communication

Clear communication is essential when it comes to pediatric dentistry. Often, dentists that treat adults have a difficult time communicating clearly with children.

They are used to patients that understand what is going on without having to ask too many questions. However, children will be much less knowledgeable about dental work.

To make sure your child is treated well during their appointment, you need to find a dentist that takes the time to communicate clearly with them. Often, pediatric dentists know how to explain things in a way that a child would understand.

They also know the things that children like to talk about, so this can set your child at ease during their appointment.

5. Customized Clinic for Children

To ensure that your child feels comfortable visiting the dentist, you may want to find a pediatric dentist that customizes their clinic for children. This can help a child feel welcome and at home when they are visiting the dentist.

Most often, pediatric dental offices will include things like reading nooks, toys, and a TV. This not only helps distract children before their appointment, but it also makes the dentist’s office feel more fun and entertaining!

Even small things, like brightly colored walls or prizes for young patients, will improve your child’s experience at the dentist.

6. Flexible

It is also important that a pediatric dentist is flexible with children. Each child will have different needs and will respond to situations differently than another child.

For example, some children love visiting the dentist and getting a prize from them. Others have major anxiety at the dentists and it will be much more difficult to finish their treatment.

A good pediatric dentist will be accommodating with each child and will change their approach based on what each child needs. This will also ensure that your child has someone that will meet them on their level to provide them with a positive visit.

7. Loves Children

Finally, it is essential that you find a pediatric dentist that loves children. If you take your child to a dentist that doesn’t specialize in working with children, they may be impatient and don’t know how to handle children.

This may also make it difficult for them to keep their cool. Still, you want to ensure that your children are treated with love and respect by everyone they come in contact with.

Pediatric dentists typically enjoy working with children, otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen to be in this profession. Still, you can schedule a consultation with your dentist to make sure they work well with your child.

Need Help Choosing a Pediatric Dentist? Burg Children’s Dentistry Can Help

When you are choosing a dentist for your child, you must consider different factors than when you choose a dentist for adults. To make sure your child gets the best oral care, you must find a pediatric dentist that has each of these characteristics!

Are you looking for a pediatric dentistry clinic for your children? Burg Children’s Dentistry can help! Our team specializes in pediatric dentistry and has clinics in several locations throughout Utah.

Contact our team today to learn more about our services and to request an appointment.

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