Happy Holidays from Molar Man and Burg

The holidays are here! Burg Children’s Dentistry has assembled a heroic article of tips for you to remember. We all know sugar can be a villain to teeth, but luckily there are ways to safely indulge this holiday season. That’s why Burg Children’s Dentistry, the premier pediatric dentist for heroes in Salt Lake City and beyond, is here to help you celebrate wisely!


Candies that Heroes Avoid 

Sticky Candy. The trouble with sticky candy is that it adheres to the crevices of your teeth and permits the bacteria in your mouth to feast on sugar, which results in tooth decay. Sticky candy also sticks in your enamel longer and is more difficult to clean away via consuming water or via your saliva. 


Hard Candy. Candies including candy canes and or lollipops absolutely coat your enamel with sugar as you suck on them. The longer it takes you to finish the sweet, the longer you are constantly coating your teeth with sugar. hard goodies can also cause chipped or damaged teeth in case you bite them. these are reasons why hard candy must be avoided, if feasible. 


Sour Candy. Most sour sweets are lined with sugar and will be very acidic, properties which can result in enamel decay or tooth damage. The sugar adheres to microorganisms within the mouth inflicting viable tooth decay, while the acidic properties can eat through teeth and depart teeth vulnerable to decay or harm. One important element to keep in mind approximately eating bittersweet is which you need to wait about 30 minutes once you devour it earlier than you brush your enamel. 


Heroic Sweets for the Holidays

Sugar-free Candy and Gum. Without sugar thrown into the mixture, the possibility of it sticking to the bacteria inside the mouth is gone. Likewise, sugar-free candy and gum increases the quantity of saliva, supporting wash bacteria off the tooth. This can assist with cavity prevention and more. 


Chocolate. Chocolate has long been considered the exceptional candy for teeth because it washes off more easily than other sweets. Dark chocolate specifically contains less sugar than ordinary chocolate, and some researchers have found that dark chocolate includes certain compounds that assist harden tooth enamel and have plaque-fighting advantages. 


Candy with Nuts. Candy with nuts can break up the sugar that sticks to enamel. A bonus is that the crunch of nuts also can break up plaque gathered on enamel. With the added protein and fiber that nuts have, this sort of sweet is a healthier choice for greater than just dental health. 


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