3 Ways to Care for Your Teeth this Winter

boy-676122_1920The cold, dry winter air can affect your teeth in many ways. Prolonged exposure to winter air can cause general tooth sensitivity that can be a hassle to deal with, or cause more serious issues to untreated cavities, cracked fillings, and receding gums. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for your teeth this winter.

Treat Sensitive Teeth

According to a nationwide survey, almost 50 percent of the population suffers from tooth sensitivity. Winter only make this worse. The cold air and wind can cause you to have spurts of pain that shoot down your teeth into the nerves. General sensitivity, in many cases, is not a sign of other dental issues, like cavities or gum disease. If you commonly have sensitive teeth, you should:

  • Look into purchasing toothpastes for sensitive teeth. Desensitizing toothpastes will contain either potassium nitrate or strontium chloride — both compounds will begin to offer relief in as little as four weeks. Choose an option approved by the American Dental Association, and be wary of toothpastes containing diethylene glycol, a toxic substance.
  • Use fluoride dental products
  • Don’t grind your teeth
  • Use a soft-bristled tooth brush
  • Avoid over-brushing and brushing too hard
  • Floss like a boss!

Treat Cavities and Check Fillings

If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know it’s not fun. Now imagine your child has cavity and it’s exposed to the fresh, cool air of winter. Extra not fun. Make sure any cavities are treated properly and that crowns or fillings are not cracked or damaged. Exposed nerve endings are affected even more during the winter.

Go to the Dentist!

Your child’s dental health is just as important as your own. Make sure your little superheros get to the dentist every six months, or more, as recommended by your dentist, and on any occasion where there is pain, soreness, or irritation. The cold may worsen sensitive teeth and gums in children, so don’t be afraid to ask your dentist for suggestions and solutions. At Burg, every child is a superhero, and every child deserves exceptional dental care. Stop by one of our locations today, or request an appointment here.

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