Dentists & Orthodontists: What Age is Best For My Child to Visit Them?

At What age should my child see an orthodontist

Burg Children’s Dentistry is here to answer your questions about child dental and orthodontic care.


Kids come with a lot of questions, whether they’re asking them or you are we understand how confusing things can be.

One thing that shouldn’t be confusing is your child’s dental and orthodontic care and when you should introduce them to your family’s provider.

We wanted to provide answers to some of the most common questions regarding when to begin taking children to see dental and orthodontic professionals; and to provide some information about why those visits are necessary and the positive impact it can have on your child’s future.

When does my child need to start seeing a dentist?

Conditions may vary in every case, but in general, dental and orthodontic professionals recommend that your child attend their first visit before their 1st birthday. Ideally within the six months following the eruption of the first tooth, which usually appears within the first six to eight months.
It is common for the four front teeth to appear first, and the remaining teeth typically appear in pairs until about the age of three.

Rule of ThumbA child should visit a dentist either:

  a) before their first birthday or

  b) within the six months following the eruption of the first tooth.



Why It Matters:

The first visit will usually always be an introductory one that gives your child a chance to become familiar with the setting, the staff, and the doctor.
New experiences can be really nerve racking, establishing this relationship helps to put your children at ease.
This is also a good time to begin positively reinforcing the importance of dental hygiene. Establish early on that there is no reason to be afraid of the dentist and your children may just end up liking the dentist.

The First Visit:
a)IntroRule of Thumbduce doctor and child

b)familiarize child with the setting and staff

c)Simple oral exam to detect decay and gum disease

d)Provide parents with information to keep teeth and gums healthy moving forward

Does my child need to see an orthodontist too?If so how early do they need to go?

YES! Orthodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Braces are the most common solution to those problems. Ideally a child should see an orthodontist by the time that they turn seven, before the growth of the jaw bone slows.

Rule of Thumb
 Unless there is a problem detected by parents, dentist, or even family physician prior to the age of seven that is the recommended age for visiting an orthodontist.




Why It Matters:
As with making sure that your child/children see a dentist within the first year (or after their first tooth appears) the name of the game is prevention.

Beginning and maintaining good dental hygiene practices and fostering a positive attitude about going to the dentist or orthodontist can prevent damage, disease, and discomfort for your child in the future.

Happy smiles mean happy children, request an appointment at one of our great locations and get the smiles started today!

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