Benefits of Breastfeeding

Jul 18 2014


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There have been many debates between mothers who choose to breastfeed and those that prefer to use formula to feed their babies. While not everyone may have the ability or the option to breastfeed, those who do should consider doing so. There are many benefits that can be brought to both the child and the baby through breastfeeding, and should be considered.


While we know that breastfeeding will be beneficial to the baby, it will continue to influence his or her development even beyond this stage. Here are just a few of the many benefits that can come through choosing this route into adulthood.





Unfortunately, obesity is one of the biggest problems facing our society today. An alarming number of people have weight problems to some extent. While much of what you do now affects your weight, it starts from the time you are an infant. There have been studies that have shown children who breastfeed for longer are at a lower risk of being overweight than those in their same category that were formula fed. When babies breastfeed, they are more in control of how much they are taking in, thus are able to trust the signals their body sends when they are full. These healthy eating habits can be expanded on as they get older, teaching them how to best control what and how much they eat.




There are many harmful diseases that may develop over the course of a life. While some may not be prevented, there are others that can be stopped when proper planning takes place. Some of the diseases that can be reduced through breastfeeding include:


  • heart disease – while this isn’t a concrete fact, research is finding that breastfeeding as an infant may lead to a lower chance of heart attacks and strokes in adulthood.This may be attributed to the high cholesterol levels present in breastmilk. In this way, the infant’s body is able to acclimate itself to the cholesterol and learn how to deal with this.
  • Juvenile diabetes – type 1 diabetes is a sad occurrence that may be prevented. Because the levels of insulin is lower here, this disease may be prevented. Pay special attention to the infant’s family history and take cautious measures if there is any history of diabetes in the family.
  • Multiple sclerosis – this degenerative muscle disease impacts an alarming number of adults. Those countries that have infants who breastfeed have lower levels of this disease. Further research is needed to find if there is a direct correlation, and how important it really is.




The bottle for a child can be damaging on not only their future teeth, but their jawline as well. Those who breastfeed have a greater chance of not needing orthodontic work as they get older. The muscles that are used in feeding this way in the face and tongue are strengthened, helping to shape the palate correctly. There are many long term benefits that will benefit the jaw and teeth from breastfeeding instead of bottle feeding.
There are many advantages for infants who breastfeed. Some of these advantages will carry on into adulthood, helping to improve the overall health. Seriously consider taking this route for your child to ensure an improved all around bill of health.

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