Top 3 Foods That Cause Cavities

Cavities are never a pleasant experience. If left untreated they can lead to serious dental complications. Knowing what foods may exacerbate tooth decay can help avert future oral problems.

Sugar and Carbohydrates


Most people know that sugar isn’t the best thing for your teeth but most people don’t understand why.

Bacteria in your mouth become active whenever carbohydrates are introduced, and sugar is only one type of carb. Bread, rice and potatoes are also carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables also contain carbohydrates that feed the bacteria in your mouth. As bacteria metabolize the carbohydrates in your mouth they produce acids that eat away at your teeth.

It’s not dependent on how many carbs you consume but how long your teeth are exposed. Drinking sugary drinks all day is a continuous exposure as compared to having one large exposure if you eat a lot of carbs during lunch.

Acidic Foods


Acidic foods like lemons, citrus juices and sodas don’t directly cause cavities, and they erode the enamel of teeth. This weakens their protection, meaning your teeth are now more prone to cavities.

Sticky Foods


Sticky foods can also be a large contributor to cavities. The debris from sticky foods can adhere to your teeth causing prolonged exposure to bacteria that encourage tooth decay.

In moderation, consuming these foods will not cause all of your teeth to rot and fall out as long as you practice and encourage good brushing and flossing habits. If you have more questions on your children’s dental care visit our FAQ.

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