Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – Children with Special Needs dental visits

I have 5 kids.  Yup, it’s crazy around here, and getting them all to the dentist at the same time can be rough.  What adds to the difficulty is my kids have Aspergers.  Which means they have some social issues but they also have some major issues with sensory issues.


As in sensitive to sound, touch, taste, light, etc….  This one (my 2nd) is the most sensitive to it ALL.  But they all have issues with it.  So getting them to sit still for a dentist and all the sensory issues that comes in a dentist chair is rough.

I’ve been taking my kids to Burg pediatric dentists for over 3 years now!  They have been great with my kids issues from the beginning.  When I called to make my first appt I made sure to tell them about the kids to help them prepare.


When we got there I reminded them, and each of the people helping were great.  They made sure to take extra time with each child.  They made sure to tell each of the kids what they were doing next.  That’s a big help with my kids.

Often people just move forward DOING what needs to be done, but taking the time to explain and prepare them goes a long way.  Showing them first helps too.  using themselves as an example, like showing them how to hold the xray film in their own teeth first


I’m a big believer in pediatric dentists no matter what, but it’s especially great when your children have any issues with dentists at all.  Having everything fit is a huge help.  The seats, the sunglasses, TV screens on the ceiling to keep them occupied, etc.  Keeping them comfortable is a great beginning to making things go we..

And when something was causing an issue they were great about changing things around, taking their time and even taking breaks if needed.  It was great.  Lights are always a big deal, so they have sunglasses available.  When the sunglasses weren’t enough they were great about turning down the lights in the room.


As a bonus I love this large room they use for cleanings, I can get all 5 kids done so fast with this room!  I can stay with them all, keeping an eye on them, and not be worried that they are running around all crazy.

AND I can be with all the kids for each step, rather than rotating through different rooms, or being stuck in the foyer.  I can help them feel safe, assist when I need to, hold hands, help keep them moving (swapping chairs a lot is still a bit chaotic).  With two chairs they do cleanings in one, xrays in the other, and all 5 kids are done fast.  Fast is always good!


AND then comes the inevitable day when the kids need  filling. GAH! All the drilling, and noise and FEELINGS that come with that.  Worst, scariest day ever for typical children, let alone sensory sensitive kids!

Pediatric dentists are great at offering prescription medication your child can take a few hours before to help keep them calm.  So far we’ve had 3 crowns, 2 pulpotomy (baby teeth root canal), pulled teeth and more already, so I would know!  (the kids get their bad teeth from me, sadly!)


And finally to help make the overall experience go as smoothly as possible I also bring a bag of favorites, iPad, iPhone, toys, etc… to keep them occupied between their turns.  And to keep them happy about being at the dentist!  We have it down to a science at this point.  What do you do keep your kids occupied and happy at the dentist?

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