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Category: Utah Pediatric Dentistry

Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – First time at the Dentist

We’ve moved around quite a bit over the years, and with the constant changing of jobs and insurance – the dentist got put on the back burner a lot. Last year we got our 2 oldest in to see the dentist and have a lot of work done, but then we had another job change…

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Dentist Appt? There’s an App for That

I’m the kind of person who HATES talking on the phone.  The invention of texting was seriously a great day in my book.  Even when I was younger, I would rather not call the pizza place to order a pizza.  I know I’m calling them to give them my business.  I’m sure they appreciate the…

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When should your child start flossing?

The other day I was on the phone with a friend, when she said “when did you start having your kids floss their teeth?” “Er…um…well…I…” Floss? Kids? Really?? To be honest, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind! (Heck, I have a hard enough time remembering to floss my own teeth, let alone my toddlers’). To…

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The Tooth about Enamel

  Here’s a riddle for you…what is translucent, thin, and is the hardest tissue in the human body but has no living cells? Give up? Tooth enamel. Fascinating, right?? I doubt you go about your day contemplating the importance of tooth enamel. I mean, come on, who does that? Other than a dentist…or someone who really…

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Is Mouthwash Safe for Kids?

Short Answer: Yes. Long answer: Mouthwash has been proven to be an effective addition to brushing and flossing. The additional rinse helps to eliminate bad breath, harmful bacteria, and other problems from arising. Parents must realize that even though they will be lost in a few years, your child’s baby teeth are extremely important and…

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Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – Orchard Drive Office

I have two children, a girl and a boy, ages 8 and 5.  I’ve taken them to numerous doctor and dentist visits over the years but I’ve never heard them talk about the office and appointment afterward like they did after we visited Burg Children’s Dentistry in Bountiful!  My son told me, “Mom, that was fun!…

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How to get rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath is the pits. Literally. Like a sinking, black, swampy, embarrassing pit. Luckily, bad breath can be fixed…and pretty easily, at that! Here are some of the best (surprising, even) ways to get rid of bad breath: Brush your tongue. Many of us know that brushing and flossing regularly decreases bad breath.But did you…

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Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – Our Visit to Burg

Before Burg Children’s Dentistry, I had always felt rushed for dental and medical appointments.  It seemed that I was no more important than the next or the previous patient.  However, we had a totally new and exciting experience at Burg.  At no point during our appointment were we ever rushed and it seemed to me, because…

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