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Category: Seasonal

How Children Celebrate Christmas Around the World

Dec 25 2017

Do you love Christmas? At Burg Children’s Dentistry we certainly do! Join us and learn more about how children all over the world celebrate this special holiday.

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Hermey the Dentist Elf

Dec 24 2017

Do you remember a few days ago when we mentioned that Santa of course doesn’t ask all of his helper elves to make toys? Well, we also mentioned that there was at least one elf who wanted to do something besides make toys. His name is Hermey, and he is a dear friend of ours! Have you…

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5 Best Holiday Cookie Recipes!

Dec 23 2017

So far during 12 Days of Burgmas we’ve learned that Santa does in fact love cookies, but that they aren’t the only thing he eats. While we offer him cookies on Christmas Eve to provide him with energy for his night of gift-giving, he would like a little bit of variety in cookie options. So…

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How to Get on Santa’s Nice List

Dec 22 2017

Wow! We sure have had some fun so far with our 12 days of Burgmas, right? We have enjoyed learning all about Santa, Christmas, and everything to do with the holidays! But you’re still asking the big questions: how do we get on Santa’s nice list? We already know that you have to take care…

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Decorating for the Holidays with Children

Dec 21 2017

We all know how difficult it can be to decorate your home for the holidays without someone messing it up. Whether it’s your kids or your pets, there IS a way to decorate without creating tons of new toys for them! Check out these ideas to create a perfectly celebratory and cozy house without any mess…

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Undeniable Santa Claus Truths

Dec 20 2017

Well, we’ve already dived into several myths about Santa. Some of them were really interesting, and some were pretty scary! Who knew that Santa doesn’t actually have claws? And while we’re at it, wasn’t that cool information about Santa and the Tooth Fairy? We really love Santa, Christmas, and all the wonderful history surrounding the…

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13 Great Stocking Stuffers for Children

Dec 18 2017

That’s right. It’s stocking stuffer time. We know you want to get the best gifts for your little superheroes, and we wanted to make your shopping experience a little easier. From moon sand to dinosaurs we have the best stocking stuffer ideas out there! 13 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas Minecraft Wither Spinner This awesome toy…

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The Deal that Santa and the Tooth Fairy Made

The Ultimate Holiday Deal, and we’re not talking about savings on gifts. You’ve seen Rise of the Guardians, right? If not, you should because it’s a great film that really dives into many of our cultural holidays and traditions! It’s rather informative about them, and you can learn a lot about history. While we were watching…

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