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Holiday Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

Don’t let the holidays stop your dental hygiene groove. Here’s some ideas for healthier treats and snacks, and other ideas for keeping everyone’s teeth squeaky clean!

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Scheduling Your Dental Appointments During the Holidays

Nov 25 2019

We all know how busy the holidays can be. Loved ones are visiting, you have gifts to purchase for family and friends, and there’s always more cooking to do for the parties and get-togethers you’ve been invited to. Despite the holiday cheer, the holiday season can be a little overwhelming! Let us ease some holiday…

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How to Defeat The Infector

Oct 24 2019

Superhero, are you ready to defeat The Infector? This supervillain wages war against your teeth and seeks to infect your mouth with bacteria. Discover what you can do to avoid infections and maintain good oral hygiene.

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How to Defeat Professor Plaque

Did you know Professor Plaque can cause some major damage to your teeth? No worries! The Bristler and Flosser will have your back as you brush and floss your way to plaque-free teeth. Learn more about how to defeat Professor Plaque here.

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Power Foods to Make Your Teeth Grow Big and Strong – Infographic

Every good superhero should have strong teeth, but did you know that it’s not all about brushing? It’s also about what you eat. Check out our cool animated graphic about the powerful nutritious foods you should eat to have strong teeth!

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Which Supervillain is Your Nemesis?

Aug 07 2019

Supervillains are no match for our young, brave patients! Our very own Hall of Heroes are at the ready to help you defeat these intrusive bad guys. Nothing can stop you! Find out which villain is the one you’re most likely to fight with our very fun short quiz.

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10-Question Quiz: Which Burg Superhero Are You?

Jul 18 2019

At Burg Children’s Dentistry, we love superheroes! In fact, we even have our own. Take this short quiz with your child to see which Burg superhero they are like. Are they as strong and bold as Molar Man? Or feisty and fierce like Incisor Girl?

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Printable Superhero Brushing Punch Cards

We know that being consistent creates and strengthens good habits.

As parents we do the best we can to be consistent with brushing and flossing, and we could use a boost now and then. When our child suddenly decides to exercise their independence in the form of not brushing or flossing, or when we forget to pack the [right] toothbrush or toothpaste for our weekend camping trip.

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