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Latest From the Blog

Dr. Burg & Molar Man on Good Things Utah!

Apr 08 2011

We are so proud of our Dr. Burg for his fun and educational performance on Good Things Utah, on April 7th. In case you missed it, Dr. Burg attended the show with Molar Man and discussed how important it is for children to have a positive experience at the dentist early on. This will help…

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How to Convince Your Kids that Flossing is Fun!

Jan 28 2011

Discover how your children can have fun while flossing their teeth. Oral hygiene doesn’t have to be a chore. You can actually have a good time while doing it.

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Laugh Your Way through Painful Dental Visits with Nitrous Oxide

Growing up, one of my favorite Disney songs was ‘I love to laugh’ which was sung by Uncle Albert in the musical Mary Poppins. I loved it for its chipper beat and relatable message.  I mean, who doesn’t love to laugh? Here are some of my favorite lines: “The more I laugh, the more I’m…

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Overbites and Underbites

Oct 28 2010

If you thought overbites or underbites were mostly caused by excessive thumb sucking past the age of two you thought wrong!  These misaligned bites can be the result of numerous scenarios and cause all types of serious problems. Problems caused by Overbites and Underbites Increased gum disease risk Increased cavity risk Broken teeth Crooked teeth…

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Child Tooth Loss: What’s “Normal” and What’s Not

Losing the first tooth is a milestone for any child: it’s a sure-fire way to tell that he or she is “growing up” and starting to leave the trappings of babyhood behind. Tooth Fairies across America had better start breaking out the quarters, because we’re going to be talking about child tooth loss: what’s “normal”…

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Thumb Sucking and Dental Health

May 24 2010

Thumb sucking is a powerful attraction for many babies and toddlers: in fact, many ultrasound photos show little ones already engaged in the practice! For some kids, it is a habit that lasts well into the school-age years and is difficult to break: making them vulnerable to teasing and feelings of low self-esteem. But does…

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