5 Qualities To Look For In A Pediatric Dentist

One night while we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed, my 4-year-old began asking me questions about the dentist. I didn’t want to answer any of his questions. When you don’t love visiting the dentist yourself, how do you give your kids a positive experience? He would soon be turning 5, and so my answer was “I will make you an appointment, and you can see for yourself.”

After our first visit to Burg Children’s Dentistry, here are 5 qualities about the Vine Street Office that I believe made for an exceptional first visit: prompt, patient, attentive, accommodating, and happy.


5 qualities to look for

in a pediatric dentist

Prompt and Patient

A kind welcome at the front desk is always nice, and the Vine Street Office staff surprised me with just how kind and willing to help they were. On a dry erase board that read “Welcome to our New Patients,” my sons’ names had been written. A member of the staff promptly came around the desk to greet them. She gave them a name tag and a superhero cape, and cautioned them not to fly too fast.


With a movie playing in the waiting area, Lego panels, an activity table, and kid-friendly magazines we could have waited happily for quite a while.

Eileen at the Vine Street Office

But within a few minutes our dental hygienist Eileen came into the lobby, called their names, knelt down to greet each of them at eye level, and so kindly encouraged a distracted 2-year-old to follow her to the costume bins where they could choose a costume piece to go with their cape.

Attentive and Accommodating

Although the costumes and special prizes are wonderful for our little patients, the real difference is in the care. Our positive experience was the priority of the Vine Street Office staff. As a mom hoping to raise boys with cavity-free teeth, that means so much to me.

Both Eileen and Dr. Kurt Christensen, DDS encouraged my boys to try something a certain way, but never pressured. They recognized each baby step as a success. At one point Eileen was on the ground with my youngest, totally willing to floss his teeth there if that’s how he wanted to do it.


One chair, two boys, and Disney’s Planes playing on the ceiling?

in the dentist's chair

Happiness is Contagious

After visiting the Vine Street Office of Burg Children’s Dentistry, I believe each person we met is genuinely happy to be a part of a fun and enjoyable place where kids can get healthy.

How to brush and floss

My boys learned how to properly brush and floss their teeth.

I got a great look at some baby and permanent teeth.

dental x-ray prep


pediatric dental x-ray

Both of my boys got their teeth cleaned.

Pediatric dental cleaning

cleaning a 2-year-old's teeth

No Cavity Club at Burg Pediatric Dentistry

And, we’re fortunate to belong to the No Cavity Club.

Thank you Eileen, Dr. Kurt Christensen, DDS and the Vine Street Office staff for working so hard to give my boys a positive first visit!

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