The Habits of Families with Heroic Teeth 

Oct 03 2022

family brushing

The family that brushes together crushes (cavities) together! Or something like that anyway. For this month’s blog, we decided to talk with a few different families with extraordinary teeth to determine the best habits for building the strong healthy teeth you’ve always dreamed of. After all, a perfect smile is one of the things people remember most about their heroes. 


Brushing Together to Establish Routine 

Because brushing your teeth is something that everyone is supposed to do, there’s no reason why parents should exclude their children from this fun activity. In fact, studies show that children who see their parents brushing their teeth are more likely to maintain great oral hygiene throughout their childhood and adolescence. That means they are watching their heroes and imitating that behavior themselves. So don’t think it doesn’t matter, parents, because it totally does!  

This can also be a great time for the family to bond, as all of you come together and brush your teeth right. Parents can ensure that their child is getting those back molars, tongue, and anyplace else they may miss without proper guidance. Once they’re old enough to not want to be in that bathroom anymore, they will have built exemplary habits. And remember parents: you can always tell them if they stop brushing, they’ll have to start coming back in to do it with you! 


Don’t Make Brushing Seem Like a Chore 

There’s plenty of bad guys out there in the world, but dentists aren’t one of them. So, listen to us when we say that it’s important to make brushing as enjoyable as possible. Parents: know that your child probably loves coming to see us at Burg Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, but that doesn’t mean they’ll want to come in and deal with cavities or anything else that’s nasty! 

So, the best way to avoid making brushing seem like a chore is to make it fun! You can play music, sing a song, do a dance, or anything else your child might like. You know better than we do, so figure out what you like and go from there. Nowadays there are plenty of songs on YouTube with your favorite characters if you don’t want your parents singing to you. And parents: remember that this is for the greater good. Even if you don’t want to hear the same song twice a day, it’s still better than tooth decay or any other infections. 


Come and See Us! 

At Burg Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, we know that it can be a journey to get the super smile you or your child deserves! That’s why we are committed to doing anything we can to help. Click here and schedule an appointment today! 

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