How Often Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

Being a parent isn’t easy, and that’s partially due to the amount of extra care that goes into raising a child. It’s not just feeding them healthy food and keeping them busy and entertained, it’s also taking them to their regular doctor and dentist checkups. That often begs the question: how often do you need to bring them in for a checkup? You’d like it to be fewer, we’re sure. Who wants to make that trip more often than necessary? However, we always encourage our patients to come in for at least two checkups every year.

Why We Need Bi-Annual Checkups

If this seems like a lot of checkups to you, we get it. No one wants to come to the dentist that many times a year, especially when you’re towing your children. However, at Burg we do our best to make sure your dentist visit are fun and engaging experiences no matter the age of your children, and we go out of our way to make it easy for you the parent. If you’re still not convinced, here’s why it’s important that you bring your children in this often.

Teeth Cleanings

This one seems obvious, but a thorough cleaning of children’s teeth is just as important as doing it as an adult. Children’s teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay, which is why it’s important that your child come in every six months so that we can examine the mouth and remove any extra food or obstructions. This will also just help your child appreciate having clean teeth!

Catch Potential Problems

As your children grow up they will likely go through similar things that you did as a child. Children can experience genetic problems such as misaligned bites, tooth decay, and teeth growing in crooked or otherwise incorrectly. By coming in for your regularly scheduled dentist check up we can assess their teeth and catch problems before they become, well, problems.

Help Remove Loose Baby Teeth

Your children will begin to lose their baby teeth around the age of six or seven. Sometimes it will be easy and the teeth might just fall out or only require minimal pulling. That’s not always the case though, and it’s important that you don’t pull the tooth before it’s ready. Our dentists are happy to help loosen and pull any stubborn teeth that your child needs to lose, and we’ll make sure to do it in a painless and efficient way!

Determine Need for Braces

Not every child is going to need braces, but you won’t be able to tell without the help of a children’s dentist. Burg has five orthodontic offices that we can refer your child to if we determine braces are necessary, and we will easily be able to tell if they do using x-rays. This will help you get a headstart on the orthodontic process, and you may even prevent future issues!

Teach Proper Dental Hygiene

We love our patients’ parents, but there’s really no substitute for going to the dentist to learn how to brush and floss. Our dentists and dental hygienists will help teach your child the correct way to brush, floss, mouthwash, and even eat! We have had a lot of time to perfect the way we communicate and interact with our little superhero patients, and after a trip to one of our offices they will love to take care of their mouths the way they’re supposed to!

Establish Good Habits

It’s very common for children to be resistant to dental hygiene. Even adults don’t want to floss! However, by bringing your children in for their regular checkups we can instill in them a desire and a habit to practice correct oral hygiene their entire lives. If you still hate flossing as an adult it might be because you didn’t establish this good habit at a young age!

With Burg, Dentist Visits Don’t Have to Be A Chore

We know how much of a hassle dentist visits can be, which is why we do what we can to make them easy! We will provide you with several options when scheduling your appointments, make the actual visit quick and fun, and we handle all billing so you’re never left in the dark about payments. We love working with children so when you visit our offices you’ll get all of the above benefits that regular visits provide, and your kids will love coming back!

Think you’d like to schedule your next checkup with us? You can contact us here or call your closest location for an appointment. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have, so check out our FAQs and the rest of our blogs for helpful parenting and dental hygiene tips! We can’t wait to meet your little superheroes!

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