Molar Man and Crew Help Flood Victims

Feb 22 2018

Check out the latest release from Burg’s newspaper the Dental Times!

Molar Man and Crew Help Flood Victims!

Our favorite superheroes helped us recover after a nasty soda flood!

Not everything was sunny in Dental Heights last Thursday when a flash flood of diet soda poured through the town! No idea where the torrent of sugar and bubbles came from, citizens were caught unawares in their homes and jobs. The flood wreaked havoc on the town, and teeth could be seen in every direction helping each other or running for their lives. The flood lasted for only a few minutes, but the devastation it caused is going to require cleanup for many days, if not months without the proper tools. Among the damaged was Teeth Hall, though Mayor Mouthwash is reportedly okay, Dental Heights Library, and many citizens’ homes. Lucky for Dental Heights, we have some benevolent superheroes on our side. Not only Molarman, but his friends the Bristler, Dr. Diet, Incisor Girl, Flosser, Agent Fluoride, and even Sgt. Sealant all came to help with repairs!

These benevolent supers showed up immediately following the flood and were able to begin helping the citizens of Dental Heights fix their homes, clean the sticky substance off of themselves and their property, and even clean the streets! Molar Man was seen using his hyper brushing to power clean buildings, and his super strength to move some of the heavier things. Other superheroes such as the Bristler used his paste punch to really help bring out that shine in many of our citizen’s lives. Mayor Mouthwash supervised the progress to ensure everyone was taken care of, and that we got our shining city back to its former glory. Citizens’ main concern now is any lasting damage. We understand that if the diet soda had been allowed to remain in the city it would have begun wearing down buildings, streets, and even us! Molar Man was kind enough to inform us of what diet soda could potentially do including cavities, decay, and just general unpleasantness. We are always so grateful for our local superheroes, without whom we would all be sticky and messy for days!

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