The Deal that Santa and the Tooth Fairy Made

The Ultimate Holiday Deal, and we’re not talking about savings on gifts. You’ve seen Rise of the Guardians, right? If not, you should because it’s a great film that really dives into many of our cultural holidays and traditions! It’s rather informative about them, and you can learn a lot about history. While we were watching it we thought y’know, we always knew Santa and the Tooth Fairy were friends and guardians, but do people know that these two powerful beings are also coworkers?

That’s right. The tooth Fairy and Santa Claus struck up a deal several hundreds of years ago. This was a deal which would help both of them, and as such they’ve kept it going for all this time! So without further ado, here’s just one more secret that not even Rise of the Guardians revealed.

The Ultimate Business Deal

Several hundred years ago, Santa was just doing his normal Christmas routine of delivering thousands upon thousands of gifts to all the good boys and girls in the world. However, he was frustrated, because as the population grew, and as it has continued to do since then, he was slowly having a harder time keeping track of every child.

So how was he going to know who was naughty or nice?

Enter: the Tooth Fairy. You see, our friend the Tooth Fairy was also frequently visiting children throughout the year and she has a special secret. If you’ve seen Rise of the Guardians, you’ll know that our baby teeth hold memories. Which means that when the Tooth Fairy comes to pick up those teeth that have finally fallen out, she knows everything you’ve been up to, including all the times you’ve been unkind or sneaky.

So, what was the deal? Well, the Tooth Fairy, after doing her work with your teeth and recording the memories they hold, reports back to Santa. Have you been naughty or nice? Tooth Fairy knows. So now in 2018, with over seven billion people on the planet, Santa has a lovely team of Tooth Fairy helpers to assist him with keeping his list and checking it twice.

But what’s in it for the Tooth Fairy? After all, this was a deal not a demand from Santa. Well, the Tooth Fairy is also the guardian of our mouths. She is always concerned for our health and safety, so she of course wants you to have healthy, strong teeth which you brush regularly. So, she did an experiment. Over the next few decades, she delivered the memories to Santa, all the while checking to see if the children were beginning to take care of their teeth better. And amazingly enough, they were! Some smart kid figured out that the health of their teeth was somehow affecting the quality of the presents they were receiving for Christmas.

Isn’t that amazing?

And so, over the past however many years, these two amazing Guardians, have been trading services. The Tooth Fairy gets healthy mouths, and Santa knows who and who not to give coal to.

What Does it Mean for You?

Time to brush those teeth! Make sure you are brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once, and don’t eat too much sugar! For other tips on how to be a good child that receives the most excellent gifts for Christmas, make sure you ask your parents. That way, the Tooth Fairy will be so happy she might even throw in an extra good word to the big man!

We hope you all have a lovely holiday and get to spend a lot of fun times with your family and friends. Make sure you don’t eat too many sweets, and make sure you check back tomorrow to continue with our Twelve days of Burgmas. And of course, if you want to schedule an appointment for a checkup, fill out this form and come visit us!

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