Legend or Lore: Myths About Santa Claus

Dec 14 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we are so excited! We love all things Christmas, Santa Claus, and the holidays in general. While we were thinking about Christmas as a whole, we wondered about the history of the holiday. Did you know the figure of Santa Claus comes from Sinterklaas, which is dutch for St. Nicholas? There’s so much to learn about this beloved holiday, so we did a little digging and found all of the widely-talked about Santa Claus details. Tell us which you think are true and which are actually a myth!

Santa Claus Facts – Legend or Lore?

Santa only eats cookies.

Do you really think that Santa could survive eating only cookies every day? Santa actually enjoys a full, healthy diet, just like he should! This keeps not only his body healthy, but his teeth too! The reason we leave cookies out for him is because it welcomes him into our homes so he can do his job (plus, who doesn’t love cookies?).

Santa only wears red.

That’s right, Santa likes to wear lots of different colors! Because people became accustomed to him wearing red when he was delivering presents on Christmas, he has worn red that day ever since. But the rest of the year, he wears regular clothes, just like us, even though red is his favorite color.

Santa only comes down chimneys.

But what about the rest of the homes? Homes that don’t have chimneys? Children in apartments? Don’t worry, we did some research and found out that Santa does in fact go to homes without chimneys. You might be wondering how he gets in them, but unfortunately, he asked us not to share that information.

Santa has claws for hands.

You might have been thinking that Santa, with a last name of Claus, has claws for hands! Don’t worry, he’s used to people thinking that. Like we said before, Santa Claus’ name is a shortened, and mis-pronounced version of St. Nicholas from Turkey. So don’t be afraid of Santa if you happen to catch him delivering your gifts, and maybe direct him to where you left the cookies for him!

Santa stays in the North Pole year-round.

Can you imagine how cold that would be? Though it’s true that his elves work year-round in the North Pole to produce the presents that you receive on Christmas, Santa only goes there for a few months to oversee their work. The rest of the year, Santa travels to warmer regions. Where do you think it’d be the funniest to see Santa in real life? Can you imagine seeing him on your Hawaiian vacation?

We sure do love Santa Claus. But in all our research, these are the only myths about him we could find. Stay tuned over the course of the next few days to learn about Santa facts, history, and modern information!

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