Decorating for the Holidays with Children

Dec 21 2017

We all know how difficult it can be to decorate your home for the holidays without someone messing it up. Whether it’s your kids or your pets, there IS a way to decorate without creating tons of new toys for them! Check out these ideas to create a perfectly celebratory and cozy house without any mess and without any danger.

Decorate Your Place!

Alright so we’re looking to avoid things that can easily be knocked over, torn down, or shattered. First of all, check out some of Nina Hendrick’s ideas on her blog. Not only is her home beautiful and charming, many of the things she lists there are durable and childproof. Here are our best ideas:

Christmas Trees

Now, time to check out these cute alternatives to traditional trees! We know it can be hard to stray away from your standard pine. If you have pets, it can be a nightmare keeping them off of that thing. Eventually, you’ll end up cleaning needles and ornament shards every other day. You can find these tree ideas at Quarter 1 and Bloglovin.

Christmas tree made from driftwood

A Christmas tree

There’s even this creative idea of turning the corner of your wall into a Christmas tree—perfect if you don’t have much room in your house.

Christmas tree on wall corner

Decorative Pillows

If you are a fan of cheap and simple decorations, this pillow cover is a no-nonsense way to say happy holidays!



Also, you can get your family name engraved on it for that special touch.

Countdown Blocks

These adorable countdown blocks work well because if a child or pet decides they simply must knock them over, it’s likely time to switch the day anyway!

Natural Elements

Fill your windows with snowflakes and mistletoe! This is a cute, family-friendly idea that you can use for more than just Christmas. You can either make your own or buy them (they’re very easy to find in stores and online around the holidays).

Other Quick Ideas:

There are tons of ways in which to decorate for the holidays. We are always trying to keep our children in mind when we make changes, so hopefully these fun ideas will give you a good starting ground for your Christmas decorating either for this year or next. Let us know if you think anything should be added to this list, and as always, stay tuned as we continue the 12 days of Burgmas!

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