13 Great Stocking Stuffers for Children

Dec 18 2017

That’s right. It’s stocking stuffer time. We know you want to get the best gifts for your little superheroes, and we wanted to make your shopping experience a little easier. From moon sand to dinosaurs we have the best stocking stuffer ideas out there!

13 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Minecraft Wither Spinner

This awesome toy is currently on sale on ThinkGeek.com. If your child loves Minecraft, look no further than this cool, cheap toy. It will keep them occupied while you prepare dinner, and keep their hands busy when they’re bored. You can get this sweet toy here.

Millenium Falcon Tool Kit

Check out this sweet tool kit! This cool toy is both topical and serves as an opportunity to have your kids help you with small projects. It’s a little on the pricey side, but fits perfectly in your Star Wars-loving child’s stocking. You can purchase this kit here.

Crayola Color Bath Drops

Make bathtime fun with these cool colored bath drops! They’re safe for kids and will help any child feel like they’re in colorful painting. Purchase these cool tablets here.

Kinetic Sand

If you haven’t yet heard of this cool sand, you should look into purchasing this (even if it’s just for yourself). This sand comes in many colors, is pretty cheap, and has a lot of benefits. It won’t make a mess and plays like putty so your child can build and shape whatever they want! Get it here.

Minnie Mouse Brush and Comb

We think this is super cute! If your child is a fan of Minnie Mouse, they’ll love this small stocking stuffer. You can purchase this on Amazon for only $5!

Storm Trooper Electric Toothbrush

We had to. At Burg we are always advocating for kids taking care of their teeth. If your child doesn’t enjoy brushing very much, give this cool toothbrush a try! Buy it on Amazon.

Anna and Olaf Dolls

Can you believe this Disney toy is this cheap? Jump on this sale fast and surprise your child with both Anna and Olaf! Get it here.

Floam Slime

We’re all about keeping those hands and minds occupied. Here is another cool, mess-free toy that will be fun to play with for a long time! It’s literally only $2. C’mon. Buy it here.

Pastel Building Bricks

This will fit nicely in your stocking and is a cool puzzle builder that any child would enjoy. You can find it at Target or go to their online toy store here.

Horse Magnetic Game

This is a convenient little game that your child can carry in their pocket. Let them entertain themselves wherever they go! And because they’re magnetic, you’ll likely lose less pieces. Find it here.

Activity Sensory Board

If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a bit of a theme in this blog. We love things that encourage children to use their minds and hands, and things that keep them busy. Check out this cool toy from Etsy that is sure to engage their minds for hours at a time! Buy it here.

Superhero Cape and Mask

Does your kid love superheroes as much as we do? Get them this cape and mask combo and let them go on adventures every day. Additionally, we love it when our patients come to our office as superheroes! Get it here.

Dinosaur Set

Help your kids learn about dinosaurs with this adorable set. It’s only $10 and you can find it here.

Good luck shopping and we hope you have a happy holiday season! Remember to check back tomorrow for our continued 12 Days of Burgmas! Of course, if you’re looking to schedule an appointment with us, please just fill out this form and we’ll be happy to meet you and your child!

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