Halloween Candy Criminals Thwarted Again

Oct 23 2017

Latest release from Dental Times about the recent battle between our heroes and the local gang The Cavity Crew!

Halloween Candy Criminals Thwarted

Sergeant Sealant and The Bristler Pair Up to Defeat Candy Menace

Every year around Halloween, the city of Dental Heights is threatened by the attack of notable crime gang Cavity Crew, and their onslaught of sugar. Molar Man and his Hall of Heroes typically chase them off, and they haven’t been seen since last year. However, this year Cavity Crew’s leader, who calls himself Sweet Tooth, was caught lurking near the abandoned floss warehouse Saturday night, and was chased off by local police. Three days later, graffiti spelling out “Hershey’s Rulezzz” was found on the side of Teeth Hall. Having just recovered from their recent attack from The Infector, Teeth Hall employees left work early and called in sick after learning about the tagline. One employee stated “I can’t deal with this again, the Cavity Crew needs to stay out of town!” We also spoke with Old Man Wisdom, who stated he was only visiting, who begged the question “Where is the Hall of Heroes?”

Dental Heights is lucky to have the protection of Molar Man, but when Cavity Crew showed up Monday morning in the middle of Tongue Square, he was nowhere around. Citizens wondered where he could be, but were quickly relieved when Sergeant Sealant and The Bristler appeared, with their sugar shield and paste punch in tow. The Cavity Crew had already blocked off the square using sugar barriers, while their crew members quickly began attempting to drill their cavity infection holes into innocent teeth civilians. Sergeant Sealant and The Bristler were prepared for this. Working together, they managed to rescue most of the citizens by distracting Cavity Crew members with a refreshing wave of mint toothpaste, and dismantled the sticky sweet barriers with Sergeant’s sugar shield. Somehow in the chaos of action, Sweet Tooth went missing. While The Bristler helped calm the affected citizens using his signature bionic brushing, Sergeant Sealant went after Sweet Tooth. We spoke with Sergeant when he returned with Sweet Tooth in custody, and he explained that the whole event was a distraction so Sweet Tooth could plant his cavity-making sugar spores in places like Teeth Hall and Molar Manor. We are grateful that Sergeant and The Bristler were there, and we hope we don’t see the Cavity Crew for a long time!

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