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Latest release from Dental Times about the recent battle between our hero Molar Man and the evil Infector!

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Molarman VS. The Infector

Molarman Vs Infector Comic Panel

Molarman and the Infector
Face Off in Epic Battle

In a thrilling spectacle yesterday afternoon, the incredible Molar Man and local evildoer The Infector, battled it out at Tooth Hall to amazed and terrified spectators. Tooth Hall workers were not expecting to become pawns in Infector’s game of domination, but were held hostage as Molar Man tried again and again to rescue them from The Infector’s diseased grasp. Sources say The Infector’s goal was to wrest control of both Tooth Hall and our town of Dental Heights from Mayor Mouthwash and inflict his swarm of bacteria bugs on the innocent townspeople.

Footage of the event shows The Infector behind a gathering of Tooth Hall workers sending wave after wave of infection and bacteria at both Molar Man and any unlucky onlooker who happened to be too close. Molar Man deflected numerous rushes of germs by gathering them together, and using his super strength, tossed them out of city limits. Enraged, The Infector then took on Molar Man head to head. The hostages managed to escape while The Infector threw repeated swelling punches at Molar Man. The battle ended quickly when Molar Man was finally able to use his super brush to disable Infector.

Authorities took the vengeful villain to jail where citizens hope he will stay. This isn’t the first time the scoundrel has undertaken the invasion of Dental Heights, using his icky infection and swelling in past attempts, but Molar Man and his Hall of Heroes have always been there to stop him.

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