February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Cute little girl with missing front teeth
Since February 1941, the American Dental Association (ADA) has sponsored a national campaign combating poor oral health. The tradition continues this month as National Children’s Dental Health Month. Each February, there is a different theme to the campaign with an accompanying slogan. For 2019, this year’s theme is “Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile.”

Help your children develop good brushing habits by encouraging them to brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day and scheduling regular dental appointments for them. Doing this will help improve your children’s oral health and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Look to Burg!

A flyer for National Children's Dental Health Month

The 2019 National Children’s Dental Health Month flyer by the American Dental Association.

At Burg Children’s Dentistry, we absolutely love helping children learn to care for their teeth. We provide a fun, comfortable, and interactive environment that will help set a foundation for their healthy future. Call a location near you to schedule your child’s appointment.

Resources for Your Family

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Here’s a fun infographic on how to select the right toothbrush to help your kids combat the Sweet Tooth Invaders (aka sugar). Click to enlarge.

how to choose the right toothbrush infographic

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