Are Gummy Vitamins Helpful or Hurtful?

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Gummy vitamins have been around since the late 1960’s, gaining popularity over time. These tasty treats were advertised to deliver the essential vitamins and minerals your child needed while at the same time being desirable for young children. Now there are even adult vitamin variations that come in gummy varieties, delivering larger portions of vitamins and minerals.


While there are some great benefits that can come from gummy vitamins, there are some negatives that will come from consuming these products. Be aware of the disadvantages before investing in gummy vitamins, ensuring they don’t overshadow any health advantages there.


Not All Gummies Created Equal



Not every children’s vitamin is created equally in the scheme of things. Some types of children’s vitamins deliver higher nutritional value than others. Rather than purchasing the brands and characters you like best, look instead at which vitamins are in each, and how much is there. It is important to note that different brands and options will have varying levels of vitamins some reaching as high as 23 while others falling short at around a dozen.


Before giving your child any type of vitamin supplement, it is best to first discuss with your pediatrician whether they actually need this help. With a proper balanced diet, most children will not need the help of vitamin supplements. Make sure that if they are deficient in a certain vitamin, the product you are giving them will have enough of these elements.


Bad for the Teeth


Even if gummy vitamins are good for getting nutritional things you need, this doesn’t counter the damage they can deliver to your teeth. These products contain vitamins and minerals that are both critical for daily functions, but it is the other ingredients there that will be potential harmful. To increase their appeal, these products contain high amounts of sugar as glucose syrup. Don’t be fooled by the sugar free varieties, these still contain high amounts of citric acid, which will be damaging to the teeth.


More than just the sugar and acidic content, the consistency of each gummy will be damaging. Any substance that has a sticky texture will easily stick to the crevices and contours of the teeth, leading to cavities. In this way, other chewable vitamin options will be better suited to your child’s health.


Don’t start out giving your children these damaging products, instead opting out for healthier options. If possible, work to give your child the nutrients they need through changing up their diet, not supplements. If your pediatrician suggests that other methods are needed, consider first using other types of vitamins, only going to gummy vitamins as a last resort. This will help keep your child’s body and teeth healthy together.

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