Pediatric Dentist vs. General Dentist

When choosing which dentist to take your child to, the options may seem overwhelming. Amongst all the other options, one of the most important of these is the difference between a pediatric and a general dentist. Learn the differences in these two types of dentists for your children and discover why a pediatric dentist will be the better option for them. This can make a huge difference in terms of their dental health.

Why visit at all?

Alex at the dentist

Some parents have taken the attitude that no visible problems means that everything is fine and no visit at all is required. This could not be farther from the truth. It is important to monitor your child’s dental progression alongside the pediatric dentist. This will help discover problems such as cavities, the need for braces, and more before the problem has progressed too far. Before your child’s first birthday, they should have had their first dental appointment. From this point it is important to have them meet with the dentist every six months. This trend should continue into adulthood, even with the switch to a general dentist.

The training

isaac at the dentist

Pediatric dentists have gone through training for a few years longer than a general dentist would have to go through to practice. Because of this, they have learned how to deal with those problems that specifically relate to children. In addition to all the normal dental procedures that must be learned, pediatric dentists will learn more about the specific dental problems related to children and those with special needs.

This training goes deeper than just the dental problems that are specific to children, although that is a big part. In addition to this they learn more about childhood development. This helps them to understand the fears children might have of the dentist, and how to better relate. During this time they have the opportunity to deal with kids at all stages of development.

The office

First time at the dentist

A pediatric dentist’s office looks much different than a general dentist. Fun decorations and activities are present everywhere. Here at Burg we have a superhero lair with movies, toys, books, and more to help your child feel more comfortable at our office. In addition to this, pediatric dentists have the equipment needed to fit children of any size. This includes smaller x-ray film as well as educational material to help children better understand how to take care of their teeth.

Make sure to take your child to the dentist every six months to ensure everything is developing as it should. For the best results, stop by a pediatric dentist. Not only do they have more training in dealing with children, but they also have the tools necessary to help your child feel comfortable in a potentially frightening situation.


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