Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – We Love Burg!

In the past my girls and I have left their pediatric dentist visit thinking, “Why did that guy go into working with kids?” Sure the offices are always decorated towards kids and there is a sticker on the door. The staff were always nice enough, but it wasn’t a place that my kids thought of as “fun” or “cool” or anything in between.

That is until Burg Children’s Dentistry. The energy there is great! From the lady that helps you at the desk, to the assistant, to the dentist himself. It was full of fun, smiles, excitement, happiness, and ENERGY! I loved it, my four girls loved it. Kids feed off the energy of everyone around them. Who would have thought that they would be grinning on the way out like we just went through a dinosaur museum?

The decor is like a comic book, very up to date. If you are a new patient that have your name up to show off in the waiting room. When the dental assistant (ask for Maria, she is the best times a million) meets you, it is like a friend at the door! Man do they know how to talk to kids. On the way out my girls had a fun toy, a superhero cape, and mask.


My girls learned a lot about dental care too. The assistant knew how to give them tips that were to the point, at their level of understanding, and full of energy. I hear them in the bathroom every night since repeating her. One of my girls had a cavity so we had to go back for some dental work. We requested Maria because my girls were so comfortable with her, and excited to see her again.

Dr. Boren walked in and had the energy to match his office and staff. I know he (and all of us) do the same job over and over throughout our lives. How awesome is it that he can still show up with a genuine smile and make my kids feel special? Pretty awesome.

We are self employed so we pay the full bill at the dentist offices. If you do too you will be just as excited as I to know that that they offer discounts for that. The cleaning is $50 more than I have paid at two other dentist offices. But with how thorough they are with the exam, how great they are with the girls, and how much they care for my kids’ teeth, I’ll pay more happily. Also we can’t wait until they do another customer appreciation day. The last one they did was a movie screening!

We will be Burg Children’s Dentistry patients FOR LIFE. It won’t be hard to get my girls to go and they will leave with a huge smile.


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