Taking Care of Your Child After Getting Dental Work Done

Your child can be anxious after getting dental work done. Here are a few easy steps to ease anxiety and stress after the procedure.

1. Make sure to plan time after the procedure where you can watch your child. Kids’ mouths can stay numb for up to several hours after they leave the dentist office. They can bite their tongue, lips or inside of their mouths and need to be watched, especially younger children. Make sure to plan enough time after you leave the dentist office so that you will be able to keep an eye on your child. I learned this the hard way. My son was biting the inside of his lip and I couldn’t see it. His poor lip was hurt badly and took a week to heal.

2. Plan for an easy day after leaving the dentist. Why not pick up a fun movie and relax after your child has dental work done? It will help prevent your child from getting hurt before the numbness wears off.


3. Prepare soft food that doesn’t require a lot of chewing. First make sure the numbness has worn off before letting your child eat but once it has preparing soft food will help as their mouth may be sore or sensitive after having dental work done.

What other things do you do when taking care of your children after they have had dental work done?

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