Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – A Fun Day at the Dentist

My 5 year old and I had a fun little outing today. You might guess that we went to the zoo or a movie, perhaps you would even guess we went to the park. Nope. We went to the dentist, but not just any dentist, we went to Burg Children’s Dentistry. You might be thinking I am crazy but it is true, my son had a fun time at the dentist!

Walking into Burg Children’s Dentistry we loved the bright and fun office right away. My son immediately had to check out all the toys in the waiting room. Once we were settled in our room my son discovered the TV on the ceiling and loved that it was playing his new favorite movie too.

The staff was super friendly and did great with my shy son and helped him feel comfortable.

My son thought it was really cool that he got his own super hero cape all because he watched a short video and remembered the code word. He also told me they have REALLY good prizes for being good.

As a mom I thought the staff was great! They were friendly, helpful and explained things really well to both me and my son. The dental hygienist had a stuffed animal with teeth, she showed us with a toothbrush the right way to brush teeth on the animal which my son loved. He even came home and wanted to brush his teeth.

We have to go back to have some cavities fixed and he isn’t nervous at all. Way to go Burg!

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