Burg Children’s Dentistry Review- Getting Cavities Filled

Burg Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics logo in Utah

Cavities are not fun no matter how old you are but they can especially be hard on children. We found out my oldest son had his first cavities and even though I have had my share of cavities filled I wasn’t prepared how to help my own child with this. Good thing Burg Children’s Dentistry was there to help!

Not only did the Burg staff explain to me and my son how the procedure would work they also wanted to make sure that my son would be comfortable and not only experience no pain but that he wouldn’t be scared to come back.

They gave us a prescription for something to help my son relax that he drank prior to the appointment, they also gave him nitrous and put numbing gel on his gums before giving him a shot to numb him.

As a mom it is sometimes hard to watch your children get shots, stitches or even dental work done but Burg makes it easy and I didn’t worry at all.


The staff made my son feel comfortable right away, he was so comfortable that he didn’t even know they gave him a shot to numb him. He just watched the TV on the ceiling the whole time. They even gave him a choice of movies to watch.

I am so glad we went with Burg Children’s Dentistry, they really know kids!

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