Burg Children’s Dentist Reviews – A wonderful first experience at the dentist!

Feb 20 2014

It was my 3 year old’s first dentist appointment and I was a little worried to see how she would handle it.  We walked into Burg Children’s Dentistry in Park City and it was like a party!  There was a movie on, toys in the corner, hobby horses, and fairy wings.  My daughter (Kami) ran to the hobby horses as I signed us in.   They were ready for us right away which is always great especially when you have two little kids with you.   The dental hygienist gave Kami a super hero cape and asked her if she wanted to ride the horse back to the room.  Of course she did!

IMG_2336      IMG_2335

The hygienist also had little bear ears on which delighted my 19 month old who also grabbed some fairy wings to wear.  The dental hygienist was so friendly and Kami quickly became her little buddy.  She explained to Kami what was going on through every procedure and took her with her to get her dental images developed.  They also had a TV in the ceiling for Kami to watch which was a great distraction.   The whole thing went really quickly and Kami didn’t have any problems at all!  She didn’t seem nervous one bit.  The dentist was also extremely friendly and was really good at explaining to me what I should do to help keep Kami’s teeth healthy.  And why it’s important to do what I do.

We left with new toothbrushes, a toy, a balloon, and the superhero capes for each of my girls.  Kami had a great first time at the dentist!  I’m excited to take her back in 6 months because I know she’ll love it and Burg Children’s Dentistry will take great care of us.  This is a great place to take your children because it has such a kid friendly atmosphere and allows the dentist to be a fun experience.

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