Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – First time at the Dentist

We’ve moved around quite a bit over the years, and with the constant changing of jobs and insurance – the dentist got put on the back burner a lot. Last year we got our 2 oldest in to see the dentist and have a lot of work done, but then we had another job change and move. Finally, I knew we needed to get our almost 4 year old in for her first visit. I had high hopes, since she loves to brush her teeth. More than your regular twice a day, I can usually find her in the bathroom with her toothbrush in her mouth and toothpaste all over the sink. Well, it was time to find a dentist and hope that her love of teeth brushing had paid off for our lack of dental visits.

We had the opportunity to go to a screening of Frozen with Burg Children’s Dentist back when it first hit theaters. What a cool way to learn about a dentists office! We met Molar Man and got all our kids excited to keep brushing their teeth. It wasn’t until last week though that we had our appointment scheduled with Burg.

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The morning came and we were off. Burg doesn’t have an office down in Utah county, but I was willing to drive up to their Lone Peak office to see a dentist that really knew how to make kids feel welcome and comfortable while getting their teeth cleaned.  From first walking in, the kids were excited and feeling right at home.  With a toy section, television playing cartoons and a model kid wearing a mask and cape, my kids didn’t want to leave!

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Unfortunately my hopes of clean teeth and no cavities was not to be. My little Princess already had 4 small cavities.  She was a trooper though. From getting x-rays – which they didn’t push if she didn’t want them – to sitting in the chair, she did really well. I think the complete relaxed atmosphere at Burg’s helped her. It was night and day difference between the older kids who screamed and wouldn’t open their mouths and cried while visiting our previous dentist (who I should mention was a great dentist, he just didn’t have the kid friendly atmosphere that Burg has).

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I absolutely loved the front staff as well. They were kind, and very helpful. Just overhearing conversation between them and some other moms there, you know they take the time to get to know their clients and care about what’s going on in their life.  That is just one thing I love about a good receptionist.   After our appointment, I got to talk to them about the follow up work we needed done.  Since it is a bit of drive for us, I really needed to know what our insurance was going to cover first.  I didn’t have time to wait around though, since I needed to get one of our other children to afternoon Kindergarten.

The staff promised me they’d call with how much the insurance was going to cover once they found out. They didn’t push me to come back, tell me how desperately I should get this work done. I felt they really trusted me as a parent to know that this needed to be done, and then just gave me the information I did need. Despite their busy schedule, they did call me later that afternoon to share the cost with me, and see if I’d like to go ahead and schedule the work to be done.  I was well pleased with our visit, especially for her first time at the dentist, so I made the EASY decision to go back. This time Daddy will be taking her up and helping her get comfortable while her cavities are filled.

Oh and the kids favorite part was when they got a prize at the end of the visit and their very own Super Cape!  I’m crossing my fingers that Burg will open an office in Utah County so it won’t be as far, and we can continue visiting with their wonderful staff and kid friendly environment.

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