Dentist Appt? There’s an App for That

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I’m the kind of person who HATES talking on the phone.  The invention of texting was seriously a great day in my book.  Even when I was younger, I would rather not call the pizza place to order a pizza.  I know I’m calling them to give them my business.  I’m sure they appreciate the call and the fact that I patronized their establishment, yet I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Now I can order pizza from the web, or even from an app on my phone, and my life is infinitely better for it.

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Burg Children’s Dentistry has now released an app!  Available for iOS or Android, the app allows you to see fun patient rewards at their various locations, refer a friend to the office and easily view locations (with easily accessible maps and phone numbers to each office).  The one thing missing for me is the ability to request an appointment right from the app.  Hopefully that is in the works.  For people like me that absolutely hate making phone calls, this function would be a game changer.  It would pretty much make sure that the dentist I go to would have to have this ability.

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What I really liked about the app is the “Refer a Friend” button.  I can’t even say how many times I’m with a group of people and someone asks to know who a good dentist is in the area.  From the app you can just type in their info and have the office contact them directly.  They won’t need to remember a thing (especially helpful if you are all hanging out at the park and no one has something to write down the info).

From the app you can also share a photo of your most recent visit to Burg Children’s Dentistry.  If you show the photo you’ve shared to the receptionist you will get special rewards!  I don’t know about you, but my kids are always looking for a way to get an extra prize after their appointments, this would be great motivation!

The app itself is bright, fun and colorful, just like the office!  So, check it out, and let us know what else YOU’D like to see the app do!

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