Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – Our Visit to the Oquirrh Park Office

I have 2 little boys ages 5 and 18 months old. My 5 year old has social anxiety and it causes him to completely freak out in certain social settings. The last time he was at the dentist he was 2 years old and it was the most horrible experience for both of us. We had to have 3 dental assistants hold down my screaming baby and he was literally shaking for hours afterwards. It was traumatic and I just couldn’t bring myself to make him go through that again. He is now 5 and I knew he needed to go to the dentist so when I had the opportunity to check out Burg, I was nervous but excited.


When we scheduled our appointment, they told us to check out their website and watch the Molar Man video. My son loves superheroes so this really helped him to get excited. He also loved the fact that he would be getting his own superhero cape.


When we arrived at the Oquirrh Park Office, I immediately loved the kid-friendly environment. My kids loved the play area and I loved how friendly the receptionist was. Immediately they brought out the boys their capes and then took them back. They thought it was fun that the dental assistant and my boys got to dress up and wear something silly back to the room.

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As soon as we got back into the room, both of my boys started to cry and freak out.


The staff was wonderful and instead of forcing my kids to do anything, they just tried different tactics to make my kids comfortable. They didn’t even try to do x-rays and told us they would not force our kids to do anything. That immediately made me feel better. They helped distract my boys by letting them pick out their own toothbrushes and stickers.


They explained everything that was going to happen and my youngest calmed down and actually laid down so they could look in his mouth. The TV’s in the ceilings helped to keep him laying down and distracted.

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My 5 year old would not lay down and they did not pressure him at all. Instead he was able to sit up and then he got to sit on his dad’s lap while the dentist examined him which really helped him to stay calm.


The dentist came in and I loved how he immediately got down on my kid’s level and talked to them. He was so friendly and both my boys really liked him.

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At the end of the visit, my boys got fun little bags of toothpaste, floss, and timers (which are awesome with getting my boys to brush for the full 2 minutes they should). They also got to pick out a fun little toy. My 18 month old did not have any cavities so he got his picture on the wall as well as his superhero mask.


My 5 year old did have a cavity, but I am not worried about him getting it fixed. The Burg staff is amazing and they got me a prescription to give him before his next appointment so he will be relaxed and not anxious. Both my boys are so excited for their next appointment and I don’t blame them, I wish I had a Burg Children’s Dentistry when I was growing up! Thank you Burg for proving that going to the dentist really can be a fun experience.


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