Teething Tips for Parents and Babies

About a month ago, we had a baby girl join our family.  Although I’m not a first time mom, my boys are 5 and 7 and it’s been a while since we’ve had a newborn around.  She’s been an absolute joy so far and is growing and getting cuter day by day.  As she gets older, there are certain things that we will be anticipating, teething being one of them.


Teething Tips

Both of my boys got their first teeth very early at 4 months.  I remember them being fussy and not being able to soothe them.  I then realized that their bottom gums were swollen and they had teeth that were getting ready to come through.  Once I knew why they were upset, it was easier to find solutions to help them feel better.


 Below are some tips and ideas that have worked for us when it comes to teething.  I fully plan on using them again when our little girl starts teething.


Massage baby’s gums:  Often times, I would wash my hands and then use my pointer finger to gently massage the gums where they are swollen.  I could always tell that it would help and this was a great solution when we were on the go and I didn’t have anything else to soothe them.


Teething Toys:  Teething toys are out there for a reason.  My babies would drool and want to bite anything in sight, probably because they were hurting.  I would put toys in the freezer to make them cool and really liked this Razbaby RaZberry teether since it was a mix between a pacifier and a teething toy and has texture to it.


Razberry teether for teething babies


Teething Tablets:  Teething tablets were also a lifesaver.  I liked the Hyland’s Teething Tablets because they are homeopathic and all natural.  I did use tylenol a few times with them, but I preferred being able to treat the teething naturally.


Fresh Food Feeder:  If your baby is older and eating some solid foods, the Fresh Food Feeder is a great idea.  I would put an ice cube in the mesh feeder and then give it to baby in a high chair when they were 6+ months.


Fresh food feeder for teething babies


Do you have any teething tips or tricks that worked for you and your baby?

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