Kids Dental Hygiene Throughout the Years

Over the years dental care for children has evolved, improving as new techniques and discoveries are being made. You’d be surprised at some of the ideas of the past, and how far dental hygiene has come.

The beginning

Dating back to 7000 BC, people have been interested in the care of their teeth, although the methods weren’t as productive as they are today. At the time, all dental care was universal, no matter your age. Using bow drills, tooth related disorders were taken care of by bead craftsmen.

Today tooth filling is made from metal, usually titanium, gold, or a tooth-colored dental composite. The earliest of these fillings was made from beeswax. Although there wasn’t a very effective cure for the pain, dental extractions were common when dealing with toothaches during this time.

The toothpaste

When it comes to dental hygiene, the toothpaste used is one of the most essential parts. Similar to dental hygiene, toothpaste originally started out as toothpasteuniversal for both children and adults. It wasn’t until later that products were developed specifically for kids.

Although it wasn’t until the 19th century that toothpastes were used by the general public, there were many different people who experimented with creating a cleaning agent for your teeth long before.

The Greeks fashioned their toothpaste out of different types of materials found, including crushed bones and oyster shells. These abrasives were used to scrub teeth with much more force than the abrasive materials that are used in toothpastes today.

During the 9th century, a Persian musician developed a toothpaste that became popular throughout Spain. Although he didn’t make public the ingredients, this toothpaste was more pleasant than previous types.

The beginnings of modern toothpaste called for burnt bread, cinnamon, and burnt alum. At the start of the 1900’s hydrogen peroxide and baking soda were used, two popular ingredients found in toothpaste today. These toothpastes continued to evolve striving to create the best clean for your teeth.

Children’s care today

Today there is more focus than ever before on children’s dental care. The number one problem is finding a way to get your children to brush dentisttheir teeth. The best toothpastes for kids have fun designs on the bottle and a great taste. This will not only keep their teeth clean, but encourage them to brush twice a day.

Although children’s toothpaste is perfect for kids, adults should stick to their adult toothpastes, which have a higher amount of abrasiveness for a deeper clean. For the best dental care for your kids, set up an appointment today! We can give your kids the best treatment and recommend the most effective toothpastes.

By Cassie Costner

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