Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – Our Visit to Burg

Before Burg Children’s Dentistry, I had always felt rushed for dental and medical appointments.  It seemed that I was no more important than the next or the previous patient.  However, we had a totally new and exciting experience at Burg.  At no point during our appointment were we ever rushed and it seemed to me, because of the way the dentist and dental hygienist treated us, that we were the only ones there, even though the rooms around us were filled with patients.

My daughter is three years old and the time was way passed to get her to the dentist, so we made an appointment with Burg Children’s Dentistry.  We were lucky and were able to schedule an appointment for the next day so I had little time to prepare my daughter for what was about to happen and little time to prepare myself for the fact that she is growing up. (It just so happens that she was going to her first day of preschool the same day as going to the dentist for the first time, so I was having a slight panic attack).

Katie was super excited for the dentist because it sounded awesome – new toothbrush, a movie, counting teeth, and a special prize if she said two special words from a movie from Burg.  When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was how kid-friendly it was.  Fun colors and a whole little section of toys and a movie just for kids in the waiting room which was perfect while I filled out some papers.

Nicci, our hygienist, came to get Katie and immediately had a surprise for her – Katie could choose any one thing to wear out of their fun dress-up basket.  There were hats, bow ties, and headbands with fun things attached.  Although she was excited to see a Cat in the Hat hat, she ultimately chose a headband with little antennas.  Nicci also chose one which was great so Katie didn’t feel alone.  Katie also got to choose a paper out of a bucket that explained the way they would walk down the hall.  Katie chose side-stepping so Nicci led us down the hall, all while side stepping.

Nicci was so great with Katie.  Since it was Katie’s first time, and in general, Katie is a reserved child, Nicci was very patient with her and gave Katie plenty of time to get used to her surroundings and what was going on.  Nicci asked about Katie’s favorite color, movie, and asked her about Katie’s little brother who was visiting with us that day.  That greatly helped Katie feel okay about her new situation.

In all of their rooms, they have television screens on the ceiling for the kids to watch and the one in our room just happened to be playing Katie’s favorite movie, “Finding Nemo,” and after Katie saw the screen she was hooked.

Nicci let Katie push the button to lay the chair down after doing x-rays and Nicci even let Katie hold the device that was about to brush Katie’s teeth.  Nicci waited patiently until Katie decided that she was done using it to brush her own teeth – and she even got to choose a toothpaste flavor.

After flossing Katie’s teeth, she sat Katie up to show her how to brush teeth using a fish that looks like Nemo that has teeth!  Brilliant!  Katie was able to fully grasp the concept of brushing in little circles by being able to brush Nemo’s teeth.

And since we had some time to wait for Doctor Boren to come in, Katie got a lot of practice time in while watching the movie upside down.

Also while we were waiting, Katie got a little bag of dental goodies (toothbrush, floss, etc) which was so exciting for her.  She also received some stickers, a balloon, a coloring page, and because she had watched the special video with a secret code word for first time visits, she also got a superhero cape.  Nicci and Katie decided that it did indeed give Katie a super power of running really fast, so they ran up and down the hall with the cape on.

They’re going so fast, they’re blurry!

Doctor Boren came in to visit with Katie and spoke with Katie for a minute or two about favorite colors, whether she got to brush Nemo’s teeth, and other things to help introduce himself without frightening her.  He counted her teeth and verified that she has no cavities!

And then, because both Katie and her brother were so good during the appointment, they got to choose one toy out of the toy drawer.  Little brother wasn’t so interested until he heard the keyword “car,” and then he booked it over to the drawer.

For all those kids that have no cavities, they get their picture up on the wall if they choose.  Katie, being her shy self, opted for no picture.  She still got a sticker as she walked out the door though, so she was happy about that.

There are just a few things that I want to point out about Burg that I absolutely loved:

  • 100% kid-friendly
  • Patience – neither Nicci nor Doctor Boren were in a rush with Katie at any point of the appointment.  Nicci was more than willing to let Katie use the toothbrush as long as she wanted and she never once rushed Katie into something she wasn’t ready for, and Doctor Boren didn’t rush Katie to lay her chair down or anything else during the time he met with her
  • Lots of goodies for the kids just for showing up to their appointment
  • Nicci explained that they will only do as much as the kid wants them to – if the child doesn’t want certain things done (x-rays, etc) they won’t push it


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