Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – Our Visit to Burg

The other day while at a summer event, I looked around at my cute little family. Three toddlers, a baby, daddy and mommy, sitting on a picnic blanket enjoying the festivities, sunshine…and junk food. Lots and lots and looooooots of junk food. As my son looked up and gave me a licorice-filled smile, I thought to myself, “Er, ok…we should probably visit the dentist sometime soon.”

*Mom confession*
My oldest is 3.5 and we’ve never been to the dentist. Oops.
(Normal, right?? I hope?….No?)

We made an appointment with Burg Children’s Dentistry. The receptionist was adorable and so nice. They were able to get us in with only a few days’ notice, which was great.

One thing I love is that Burg has multiple offices, one of which is only 10 minutes away from us. They made us feel right at home, and my kids wasted no time finding the fun zone with TV, legos, and toys. (“I love this place, mom!”)


We were called back right away, to my pleasure and my kids’ dismay (“But Cars isn’t over yet, mom!”). They got to pick a funny headband to wear (which my accessory-loving diva got a kick out of).


What was nice is that they jumped right in. Time is of the essence when you have ticking-timebombs, I mean toddlers around. Our cute tech sat Hutch right down and went to work.


She chatted with him and I was SHOCKED at how calm he was. He’s our tender-heart and usually FREAKS out when adults try to talk to him, let alone shove things in his mouth.


Wow, they must be miracle workers with traces of sedatives laced on their gloves…

…Or they just have flat screens on their ceilings.

Note taken.


Priya was even willing to give it a try after seeing big brother do it. She thought the “ride” up and down the chair was pretty fun, so she was willing to chomp on the x-ray tab thingies in exchange. She’s a negotiator, folks.


Hutch got a little freaked out by the water sucker thing (aren’t we all??) but our tech was cute and was good at making him still feel like a tough, brave boy (salvaging pride is important, even with 3 year olds). However, because of Hutch’s freak-out Priya was a bit more trepidatious to say the least.


 The Doc took a look at the kids’ mouths and was super nice. In talking with him he was helpful in explaining that the dentists at Burg are a combination of pediatric dentists, and general dentists, and that all of them have been practicing for no less than 3 years.

My kids LOVED the swag they got to bring home. Thank you little trinkets for keeping my kids satisfied! They were generous and even let my Little Miss Indecision choose two toys. The superhero capes took the cake in my book.


We left happy(ish), relieved (no cavities!), and clean. Well, our teeth were clean, anyway.


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