Your kids are superheroes!

Every mom knows that her kids are superheroes.

Little Running BatmanShe knows that like Batman, her kids may not have been born with super powers, but they do have super ideas.

Like Yoda, she recognizes that the smallest heroes are sometimes the wisest. (And she secretly wishes they could use The Force to retrieve everything they drop while harnessed into their car seat.)

She preaches what Spiderman’s uncle taught him, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Of course that is followed up by a list of chores …you know, to help with the becoming responsible part.

She remembers that even though some days start off cranky, people can change. Kids want to be good and they recognize the good. MegaMind is a great example of this.

Your kids are superheroes.

And in my case, I see a lot of Superman in my kids. They share an adoption story, come from a different background than their parents and have amazing hair. Plus, Superman is just a great, brave guy! I see a lot of him in my kids. (The bravery is especially noticeable at the dentist!)

I say, raise a parental fist bump to these little wonders who amaze us every day with their great ideas, emerging responsibility, natural goodness and bravery. They save the day with their hugs and unconditional love.

Your kids are superheros. And great examples to us all.

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