Burg Children’s Dentist Reviews – Our First Visit to the Dentist

My daughter Reece had never been to the dentist up until about a week ago. I knew we were a little late getting her in for her first time, but I wanted to make sure that we took her somewhere that wasn’t going to be scary and overwhelming for her. She is a pretty outgoing child, but it is still something very new! I was excited to try Burg Children’s Dentistry because of the pediatric focus. My thoughts were that obviously this was going to be a good experience since it is catered towards children. Right? RIGHT!


Her smile says it all, doesn’t it?

Let’s just start with the beginning. We came in and were instantly greeted by the super friendly office staff. All three of my girls were given super hero capes. Awesome! Reece was shown her name on the board announcing new patients, and the staff made her feel so welcome. I think that helped alleviate any fears she might have been holding on to at that point.

photo_3 (2)

The entire office is bright, colorful, and happy – totally geared towards kids, and I think that gives kids a sense of security and trust when they are there. My girls loved playing with the toys, looking through the Disney magazines (princesses, of course!), and watching the movie.

Now let’s talk about our tech. He was AMAZING. He spoke directly to Reece, explaining to her everything that he was going to do. He showed her each tool before he used it, and let her try it out to make sure she understood what it was going to do, and that it wouldn’t hurt her. It was really great to see him respecting her enough to speak to her, instead of speaking over her.


The x-rays were also a breeze, due to the wonderful explanations given to Reece. She did it like a champ, and I totally accredit that to her tech!


While we were waiting for the x-rays to be developed, and for the dentist to be able to come speak with us, our tech treated all of my girls to stickers and new toothbrushes, along with goody bags full of new toothpaste and floss. They then had to show off their teeth after receiving their goodies.


While we waited for the dentist, we had a little lesson on how to brush teeth correctly. I thought it was such a great idea to have stuffed animals that the girls could practice on. They loved brushing the teeth of their little buddies!


Once the dentist came, he had Reece sit down to look at the x-rays with her. She thought it was pretty cool to see the pictures of her teeth – especially since her daddy takes x-rays, too!


Our experience at Burg was wonderful. I really appreciated all of the effort that went into not only making Reece feel comfortable, but my other children and myself, too.  Reece was even asking to go back the next day! I call that a success!

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