Visit to Utah’s Hogle Zoo

May 14 2013

I knew one day my kids would choose their friends over family outings, but I still wasn’t ready for it!  I still want to enjoy day trips with my kids, but sometimes we either have to bribe them with bringing a friend, or take them to a place they really love. One of those places actually happens to be the zoo!  I love taking my family to the zoo. We get to be outside, we escape our stress for a time, and we get to observe the crazy large animals that you literally can’t see anywhere else except at the zoo.

A few weekends ago, we joined Burg Children’s Dentistry at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.  First, before we even entered the park, we were greeted by our favorite Dental Super Hero:

Dental Super Hero

I told the kids they were old enough to decide our route and they got their maps out and decided on which animals they wanted to see the very most.  Erica wanted to see the Elephants:

Elephants at Hogle zoo

TJ wanted to see the Giraffes:

giraffe licking pole

Nate (my Lego kid) was anxious to see all the animal’s made out of legos throughout the park.  They were actually very impressive!  There was a polar bear built entirely of legos.

lego turtles


And, of course, no visit to the zoo is complete without my kids drooling on some over-priced stuffed animals in the gift shop!

But when you just saw a real polar bear, of course the next best thing is to bring one home!

polar bear

stuffed animals

Getting kids outdoors and away from their video games and computer screens is becoming harder in our society. But providing outdoor opportunities like visits to the zoo, is hard to pass up!  The more kids are able to connect with their natural environment through observing animal behavior and even enjoying plants and vegetation in your own backyard the healthier they will be!

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