Top 5 {If You Want to Be A} Super Hero Activities


When my youngest son was four, I accidentally changed his world with a pair of pajamas.

They were Superman pj’s that were entirely black.  The bottoms were plain black with the bat logo at the waist. The top had an airbrushed breastplate of steel abs.  It was the two velcro strips at the shoulder that held the secret to their life changing power.  Those two little velcro strips attached a black cape.

I didn’t even realize how magical these pajamas were until after his bath that first night.

Our home now had a nightly super hero.

The cape transformed his run into flying, his jump into a leap, and his dreams into unimaginable adventures.

That 1/2 yard of black jersey material was a passport to imaginary supremacy.

Now that I realize the capacity of simple items to hold metaphysical potential, I have found these 5 ways to empower your tiny homegrown hero:

Super Hero Cape

If your pajamas came capeless, never fear!  You can create one with simple materials even with limited sewing skills.  Our cape was a square piece of black jersey material that hung just below the waist when attached with velcro strips at each shirt shoulder seam.  There is a tutorial for a no sew cape that includes a printable template on Jolly Mom or if you want to purchase a handmade one for a super gift, check out the Etsy Store, Baby Pop.

Super Hero Accessories

Power isn’t limited to the cape, adding wings to shoes or arm cuffs like these made by Aesthetic Outburst or creating a super hero masks from this printable template by Fun Pinata Party Ideas can add power to the super hero wardrobe.  Don’t get too caught up with making your super hero just like ones you have seen.  Likely your child will have powers that you haven’t imagined!

Super Hero Training

Now that your hero is dressed for the occasion, send him through super hero training!  Set up a obstacle course to hone mad super skillz.  If the weather is such that indoor play is preferred, then choose a hallway to link obstacles like climbing under chairs, over stools, through pillow pillars, weaving between stacks of books and rolling around stuffed animal nemeses.  In an outdoor training course, empty the garage into a multi-station massive course.  Hula hoops, golf clubs, ball and frisbee throwing, cones, scooters, bicycles, chalk on the driveway, and anything else you can find can make a post along the path to super strength.

Super Hero Flying Safety

A cape can feel empowering, but flying is still in the imaginary realm.  I had to have several chats with my hero about what jumps would be safe and what could cause bodily harm in this world.  Setting up a safe place for super hero jumps is a good way to break reality gently.  A mini trampoline or a “crash mat” of pillows can positively reinforce the power of earth’s gravity.

Super Hero Status

Once you have your super hero persona down, creating a clothes pin version can help seal the celebrity status.  This can be very simple with this peg doll tutorial from Nurture Store.  In the event that a cape isn’t appropriate attire, a super hero can be slipped into his pocket as a reminder of his powers.

Photo Credit:  ThinkStock

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