Burg Children’s Dentistry Reviews – A Day at the Zoo with Burg Children’s Dentistry

As a child, there are certain activities that are definitely memorable.  For me, one of those was going to the zoo.  There was always so much to look at and see.  Plus, animals are pretty unpredictable and I remember them doing funny things.  It’s no surprise to me that my boys love going to the zoo and we are fortunate to have a great zoo nearby.  My husband and sons joined Burg Children’s Dentistry for a special day out at the zoo about a week ago.

Burg Pediatric Dentistry Hogle Zoo Day

If there’s one thing that my boys are both into right now, it’s Legos.  At 5 and 7 they love to build and create and I love that Legos get their imagination going.  They were both so excited to see Lego Animals, Creatures of Habitat.  It is a special display that spans throughout the zoo which features zoo animals, entirely built out of Legos.  My 5 year old was excited to see each display and wanted to go back to see them again and again.  The exhibit was built by a LEGO certified professional, with the Polar Bear figure featuring over 95,000 Lego bricks.  The zoo also had a special place for kids to come build and the boys spent a good amount of time building with other kids.




Other highlights of the day included seeing the elephants and turtles and a ride on the carousel.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and they spent well over 3 hours in the zoo.  My husband had a nice sunburn to show for it the next day. If you have a chance to get out to Hogle Zoo to see the special exhibit, it will be there through September.  A big thank you to Burg Children’s Dentistry for providing tickets for our family to go to the zoo!

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